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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. Nobody says that, but ok.
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  2. So I just got back from seeing twigs in Seattle. The Magdalene Tour wasn’t a concert — it was an experience. Her set, costumes, vocals, (pole)dancing, dancers, and instrumentalists were all incredible. This was my first FKA twigs concert and while I knew it would be good, I didn’t know it would repeatedly end and restart my life.

    I tried to take notes on the setlist but I was too enthralled in the actual show. Overall, there was a pretty good mix of old and new songs. I was shook at some of the older songs she did. The show was fun and sad and hype and intimate all at the same time. There were several moments where the audience was dead silent. She’s so captivating, it’s kind of scary. I’ve never attended a concert that enthralling from beginning to end.

    After the show, she did meet and greets by the merch tables. She was so sweet and warm when I met her — naturally, I got emotional when I told her how much her music has helped me. Before I even said all that, she told me she saw me in the crowd “vibing,” and I damn near passed out. She was wonderful on and off the stage.

    (When my friend met her, he said he was excited for Friday, and she asked him, “What’s Friday?” to which he reminded her that’s when her album is officially dropping ddd.)

    Overall, tonight was unreal. I can’t wait for the album to drop so I can give ha the streams she deserves.
  3. I wasn’t ready for Sad Day sounding like an updated version of Hounds Of Love.
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  4. That was just amazing. Makes me wish though the Cello was on the recorded version, it's a beautiful addition.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    These pop girls I swear to God.......................
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  6. Sad Day is gorgeous. I'm so excited for Friday.
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  7. It was pushed back 7 times sis
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  8. Well she's doing a signing in LA on Friday, so better not delay it further
  9. sad day has a strong Hyper-ballad energy for me. I...can't really say anything better than that.
  10. Sad Day is incredible. Favorite one so far.
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  11. First listen to Magdelane in full on Spotify and this is so incredible.
    It just high jumped passed some of my favourite albums to enter my Top 5 for the year.
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  12. The songwriting on this album is from another level. The emotion and heartbreak she conveys, just ... wow. "Mirrored Heart" gave me a lump in my throat.
  13. This album is so insanely beautiful. I'm so overwhelmed, don't even know how to describe all the feels this is giving me. But this is indeed on some kind of Björk/Kate Bush kind of level.
  14. "mirrored heart" destroyed me.
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  16. Holy shit
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