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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. so correct and true!
    this is SO FKA twigs!
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  2. Finally came around to watch that Pitchfork gig. Damn she is out of this world. I have to see her live some day. The new record can't come soon enough. The Yes Song and the one with the east indian/arabic shouts in the post chorus sound sublime. I hope she gives us a single next months. She could be huge if she wants to but I'm fine with her staying semi famous.
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  3. You don't think we will get the sophomore album this year?
  4. I hope and pray we´ll get it this year... I´m optimistic she releases it this year, I meant that I am not sure if she aims for mainstream success.

    The Pitchfork video is now blocked by the way. I´m glad I watched it yesterday.
  5. I don't think an album is coming this year. She hasn't said as much and she mentioned that that show with Travis Scott would be her only gig this year outside of festivals. Plus the Melissa EP took about 9 months to come out after it was first announced.
  6. A true carrying and birthing of scarves.

    She's such a gem to music. Watching her perform for the first time was a revelation.
  7. Don´t do this to me. She just wrote on Instagram that it´s her only headline show in 2016. That´s it. Her producer teased LP2 in november/december last year and she already performed three new songs... even four if you count "Good to love".
    And she is in the studio again crafting new songs as we speak...

    I am convinced this is coming this year.

    On another note... Is she always ending her sets with "How´s that"?
  8. Her Congregata shows did, and I think her Radiant Me set is very much a companion piece, acting as a bridge to her new work.

    The former had her brow beaten and her dance during Closer clearly told the story of self-disgust and the feeling of missing something internally, and by the end of How's That she's collapsed to the floor, overwhelmed and curled into the fetal position (relatable Queen) as she's rejected and abandoned; whereas the Radiant Me set personifies that missing "piece" with that mystic stone, that she ends How's That held above her as her dancers are at her feet reaching out but unable to claim it. Those piercing screams that close both shows, now aren't framed in defeat but in triumph. She's radiant.

    The former show she is more waifish, in the latter she is far more ferocious and determined. She tells such brilliant stories through her choreography, honestly it's not stated enough that she is the best performer working today.
  9. [​IMG]

    She is clearly teasing the sophomore album co-produced by Oneohtrix Point Never (tagged and he also posted the same pic). @dylbop
    She got me drooling with this description of hers..

    @BloodShyBait I just read your post. Am sure its really coming.
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  10. Her new hair is one of the best things to happen to music this year. The year that keeps on giving.
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  11. twigs for Elle, August 2016:

  12. [​IMG]

    Kelly Rowland's impact.
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  13. Ugh, she is everything to me. Just watched her Pitchfork set and honestly it's like watching an intergalactic pop seance. She also makes me want to get my platinum braids in again - I will do so once I get tired of the red I've got on now.
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  14. Oneohtrix's tracks were comfortably the worst on the Anohni record and her hair is giving me Faye Tozer BUT, perched I guess.
  15. The stuff he produced for Twigs sounds amazing live. I still hope this comes out this year.
  16. Has anyone seen her Congregata show?
  17. send pic
  18. Is it possible for her to look anything but cool?
    You can click the 'me' in my sig for platinum hair.
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  19. Yeah, front row at the Roundhouse and it was incredible. I got my life and then some.
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  20. Are you now in Berlin?? Cause we might know each other!
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