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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. WHAT a fucking album.
  2. I’ve been a casual fan until now, but this album is something else. Kate Bush is my favourite artist and whilst I generally hate comparisons, they’re not only justified but completely complimentary here.
  3. I'm obsessed.
    This album is absolutely incredible.
    Think Bjork or Kate Bush at their peak, stunned and amazed.
  4. I agree - without exaggerating. Witnessing history.
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  5. daybed is still the one for me, it fucks me up every single time, it's just beatiful and works incredibly well before cellophane.
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  6. Daybed gives me Unravel vibes.

    I always knew she had it in her to be a Björk/Bush hybrid but I wasn’t sure if she’d pull it off as well as she has done here.

    The album is a fantastic body of work. LP1 (even indicated by its name alone) showed lots of promise but was a case of her playing and experimenting, and displaying her vast array of talents and influences. Magdalene has a clear vision and is a dark, sad, living, breathing entity. The only track I’m not totally sold on at the moment is Thousand Eyes - her vocals just get a little bit grating for me towards the end, but I might come around to it in time.

    I’m beyond impressed.
  7. fallen alien what the FUCKKKKKK
  8. I wanna share my thoughts but there’s just so many layers, so much to unpack. Bought the vinyl and the artwork is stunning.
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  9. Red vinyl arrived today. Can't fucking wait to listen later!
  10. Sad Day is one of the best things she's released to date. It floored me on first listen.
  11. The album is just amazing, even on this shitty soundsystem I only have to listen. She did it again.

    She cried.
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  12. "home with you" holy fuck. that chorus is already one of the saddest most beautiful things ever but when she ends it with "and i'd have told you i was lonely too" it reaches a whole new level.
  13. aux


    ...who cares?

    I’m genuinely putting anyone who posts her videos or The Honest Vocal Coach on ignore, I don’t get the obsession
  14. Any AJayll slander will not be tolerated, especially not in this holy thread thank YOU.
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  15. The sequence of the title track and Fallen Alien is some kind of witchcraft.
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  16. That chorus Is truly something else, the way it just soars from the verses, It feels so light and intense at the same time, it's definitely one of the highlights of the album.
  17. The live version remains the best version of that chorus. It's even more heartbreaking hearing her sing it in person.
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  18. Calm down, why so aggresive?
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  19. I really don't understand this, why do people get so mad at people posting video reactions and reviews of music when....ya'll come here to read reactions and reviews of music. Like?
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  20. Her reaction videos are fairly innocuous and I don’t see why she has some of yall so pressed ddd
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