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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. RJF


    "mirrored heart" is the most brutal song of 2019.
  2. Okay, I take this back.

    I've just had a second listen and it really is great.
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  3. No too late sorry.
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  4. RJF


    But I’m never gonna give up
    Though I’m probably gonna think about you
    All the time

    And for the lovers who found a mirrored heart
    They just remind me I’m without you
    They just remind me I’m without you
    They just remind me


    without you


  5. Heard "magdalene" yesterday for the first time and it's quite an astonishing record.
    I love the glitchy vibe that this record has and how well it goes with the distorted album cover.
    And there's no point in discussing the production, because it's something she always excels in.

    "thousand eyes" is an excellent album opener with a lovely melody and those choral and ethereal vocals. "home with you" had to grow on me, especially those verses, and now I really like it. The chorus of "sad day" is the one of the album highlights, although the song as a whole doesn't disappoint at all.
    And even though it's the most commercial song here, I love "holy terrain" (but not the verse by Future). There's something effortlessly amazing about it and the sample is so well used.

    And then comes the crowning glory punch of "mary magdalene" and "fallen angel". Whew, I wasn't ready for so much epicness. "mary magdalene" in particular is fantastic and I'm a bit sad that it's barely mentioned here - the production throught is breathtaking. From those 'spaced' verses and almost haunting chorus, to the brilliantly done outro, "mary magdalene" is probably my favorite track here. The way that "fallen angel" builds and then just explodes into an angry and glitchy chaos is genius. It compliments its predecessor in the best possible way.
    Needless to say, the melodies are absolutely gorgeous on those songs.
    Due to that showstopping trio, "mirrored heart" didn't make an initial impact, but the second listen already proved me wrong. Some magical moments on that track are apparent, too.

    The only song I'm not really keen on is "daybed". It's a bit too repetitive and lacks some culmination or 'wow' factor that the rest of the songs have. However, it could've been a really nice interlude.
    "cellophane" makes a very pleasant closer, of course.

    I think that the low number of tracks does this album a favor, because there isn't a single filler track and instantly has a better replay value.
    "LP1" suffered a bit because if that.

    There are deffinitely some Björk resemblences here, "Homogenic" in particular, mostly because of those distorted and unexpected beats.
    While "magdalene" is not a perfect album as a whole, it's a success without any doubt and I'm sure that it will grow on me even more, as the vast majority of FKA twigs' work does. One needs time to properly appreciate art.
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  6. I know I need more time to put together more proper thoughts, but ‘sad day’ is the favorite for me thus far. It’s such a surprise, I never really wanted her doing more “pop” sounding songs but this (and to a lesser extent ‘holy terrain’) is such a perfect, stunning summation of her identity with something more tangible.

    I think the reason it hits me so hard though is because it’s basically an Utada Hikaru song from the ULTRA
    BLUE era. So gorgeous.
  7. As someone who didn’t have much use for her first album outside of Two Weeks, this is incredible.
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  8. Well. This broke me.

    I already cry every time I hear this song. And she cries when she performs it. Now what. Although everyone making it about certain fellas mostly on Twitter is a bit much now. It could be and may be but who knows.
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  9. I love that even though Magdalene in many ways feels so much stranger and heavier than LP1, but I still find it a much easier listen all the way through. Both are great, obviously.
  10. Mirrored Heart, Daybed and Cellophane....what a way to close an album right? Just so beautiful.
  11. Went hiking in the woods on a windy day with this as a soundtrack. Yeah, we’re ascending to a higher level and happy/sad about it!
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  12. Yessss there are so many little moments here that run parallel with some of the sounds of ULTRA BLUE.
  13. Never seen a hero like me in a sci fi... still my line / line delivery of the year, a rebuke coming from the depths of frustration, hitting like a whip, and crystallises the album, and twigs as a persona and why she connects so strongly to her fans, completely.
  14. my reaction listening to this record
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  15. I just listened to this album and it’s absolutely floored me.
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  16. Most of this does nothing for me, which sucks because I loved Melissa. This does sound Bjork like, whose albums I also find sonically interesting but they're not something I return to. The one highlight is daybed. home with you and cellophane are also pretty good.
  17. I have just watched her videos for the first time. They are amazing!
  18. My thoughts exactly. Glad to see she didn’t peak with M3LL155X.
  19. Something else I appreciate from the album: I find it noticeably more straightforward than a good chunk of her previous work, which is unexpected but still very effective to me.

    When I saw the production credits, my brain kind of automatically used Benny Blanco (or Skrillex, or etc.) as justification for the kind-of-poppier bent overall, or at least more direct song structures. But I can’t really make that assumption with the record itself before me. The production is as gilded and meticulous as ever, and the song writing being so bare only makes everything more devastating.

    I also think in addition to adding to the overall pacing and texture of the record, the more “normal” songs really prove her to be the badass she is. Such a consistent artistic voice, able to excel at so much.
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