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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. The intro of it is so epic
  2. Exactly. What a song, probably my favorite of the entire album.
    The final two minutes are unbelievable. Pure art.
  3. I'm having a "home with you" kinda day today...

  4. I honestly can't single a track out, the whole album is a masterpiece.
  5. Literally one of the most devastating albums I've ever heard. FKA twigs is brilliant.
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  6. I haven't been commenting much on this album, but it has....really been such a saving grace to me this month. It's so personal and I only listen to it while I'm alone, but damn girl. Phew.
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  7. Sis is gunning for dat UK No 1 14 abloom?
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  8. A Genius...literally a Genius.
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  9. She's so precious, I'd love to listen to her speak forever.
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  10. wow! Fuck my psychiatrist, she has tons more to say that makes sense.
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  11. The beat and chanting background vocals on Holy Terrain

  12. She was incredible tonight. The whole show is honestly on another level, and it was made even more special since it was almost 5 years to the day that I saw her the first time at Prince’s Paisley Park, something she acknowledged herself by referring to Prince as her “purple angel” who was keeping watch over her during this... something of a homecoming moment. The whole room lit up with purple after the fact during “Mirrored Heart” and it was just really gorgeous and fitting.
  13. holy terrain - mary magdalene - fallen alien
    Probably the best one-two-three punch in her career.
  14. sad scream. It debuted at #21.

    If sis really wanted those sales she should have done some album/ticket bundles for “intimate” performances like Foals did a couple of weeks ago.
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  15. Or released on the original date(s) when sales were low.
  16. I'm listening to the album at the moment...and she just gets it, doesn't she?
  17. I'm having my first full playthrough and I feel like I'm being taken to another planet. What an icon.
  18. It's amazing that she delivered such a record after all she's been through during the past few years and with the pressure of backing up this genre defining debut album of hers.

    As incredible as LP1 was, it wasn't exactly the vocal performance or the lyrics that stood out on that record. On Magdalene, not only did she hone these skills, but she truly rose to another level. So many devastating, heartbreaking and human moments on this record. However, this record has a weak link, dare I say a real misfire of a calibre entirely absent from her previous work: Holy Terrain. I still have no idea how that song found its place on this record as it tears apart the jaw-dropping sequence of Sad Day, Mary Magdalene, Fallen Alien and Mirrored Heart and completely pales in the midst of these songs. I'm also a bit disappointed about Daybed, it has an interesting strong structure and evocative lyrics, but since this is FKA twigs x Oneohtrix Point Never I was hoping for something more spectacular.

    Thousand Eyes is the PERFECT opener, Cellophane as devastating as ever and Home With You has grown on me in the context of the album, so the vast majority of this record is obviously killing it and the acclaim truly deserved. Overall, she's still an artist leaps and bounds ahead of many of her peers.

    I'll be seeing her live at the end of november and I'm super excited!
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  19. “Holy Terrain” went off way more than I expected it to live.
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