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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. I saw her and Robert Pattison at a dive bar in Chinatown like two months ago. Basically empty bar except for my small posse of dumb art kids and her huge posse of beautiful queer people. Very surreal.

    I'm VERY excited for this. There's a small part of me that worries what she'll do now that everyone is doing the sound she made cool (I'm exaggerating but Invitation at least shows how it's penetrated the mainstream), but I would also never dare to underestimate her talent.
  2. Star Trek warrior princess couture.

  3. [​IMG]

    from Dazed.. No words really.
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  4. Rob better stan:
    Very cute, I must say.
  5. Old merch, flop fan etc.
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  6. I wanted a new album this year Tahliah!

    Premiering 3 new songs live without a proper studio version release is not cool.
  7. I know.. me too..

    I am sure though the sophomore album will be stellar..
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  8. I am so parched for new music and a new album, but creatively she continues to be a Godsend. I am kicking myself wishing I could go to the Rooms exhibition she's putting on over Halloween. It's Soundtrack 7 all over again.
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  9. .......I'm seriously pissed off I couldn't get tickets for the Rooms exhibition.....I clicked that link at 3pm and was told they were SOLD OUT as soon as I got on the page....there's no way they sold out that quickly, I'm guessing a conspiracy theory they'd been bought by 'media types'.
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  10. M3LL155X is still holding me over in the mean time. Revisiting In Time after an extended break was almost surreal.
  11. Melissa left me lukewarm in the mean time. Her previous releases were stronger.
  12. I'm fine with no more new music, she's doing some interesting projects. Plus the music will come when she's good and ready, and not a second before accompanied by amazing visuals and even more insane, transcendent performances. I can wait another couple years. Maybe.
  13. cannot wait for this… so far she has become better with every release which is very exciting
  14. Going to that Rooms thing tonight, literally not ready for it (doors open at 6.30, but I forgot there's two shows and I actually need to be there at 6.30.)

    Hope you'll forgive me the thread title change. She's going to take her sweet time, isn't she?
  15. She's the only artist I ever seen who can fairly be compared to Bjork. They're cut from the same cloth. Magical.
  16. mad........Time Out said they were relesseing more tickets today at 3pm but I've just looked in my inbox and seen they were actually released at midday - FUCK THIS SHIT!
  17. [​IMG]

    hope there's at least an ep in the meantime

    *sobs in a corner*
  18. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    I doubt anyone will still care in 2018.
  19. A while would just insinuate that she's planning on 2018, hm. Or further...

    She's got the indie crowd by the balls so I don't see her popularity amongst them diminishing in anyway with the wait.

    A new EP mid summer to fall would be cool.
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