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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hmm, I wonder why? If she's working on an EP or 2 in the meantime then I don't really mind as much.
  2. Maybe it's to do with the fact she's been touring solidly for the last few years (Figure 8 is all about her struggle to get used to that) and doesn't want to jump right into another major touring commitment: which means no sophomore album until she's ready. Or maybe the music just hasn't come together in the way she wants it just yet (she mentioned she spent 6 months working on Good to Love).

    The thing that got my hyped though is that we are getting the Soundtrack 7 film very soon which is all I need. She also has a starring role in indie crime drama Brighton Beach alongside Barney Harris which is currently in post-production and is out next year.

    So it's not like she's disappearing, and we still might get music in one form or another.
  3. She has a few new ones she was performing recently right?

    I would be cool with an EP with those.

    The "Youth" one sounded really good.
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  4. She's gone and compiled an extensive (and as far as I can tell, complete) audiovisual archive of her entire career, every photoshoot, video and song she's ever put out is in there, it's really neatly designed:

    There's also apparently some "unseen work" in there somewhere but I don't know what or where that is..
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  5. Take the 3 new songs from Pitchfork Festival plus Good to love and another new song voila here is your EP. Do it girl!
  6. Seriously she had 5 perfect Melissa songs. I never understood why she never released a new second LP with just 4 - 5 more songs during Melissa era.
  7. I'd be pretty happy if she just released a couple more EPs. As amazing as LP1 was, I find her music is easier to digest when served in smaller doses. M3LL155X was just perfect in that regard.
  8. Because she didn't have any worth releasing, most likely! If she had had other 4 perfect songs to go with M3LL155X, I'm sure she would have been more than glad to gift them to the world.

    I do appreciate the stubborn quality control she execises on her work. It is frustrating for us greedy fans not to have new material for long amounts of time but we can always count on her input to be stellar when she's ready to put it out at least.
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  10. Hell no.
  11. Mesmerizing. And she included bits of 2 new songs as well.
    She has e few unreleased gems from this years performances.
    A EP could be out by now.

    1. Good to love (P4 Festival)
    2. Wound up (P4 Festival)
    3. Ouch Ouch feat. Lucki Eck$ (Soundtrack 7)
    4. Youth (P4 Festival)
    5. Yes Yes Yes (P4 Festival)
    6. I find no peace (Soundtrack 7)

    This would be an fantastic release. Tahliah please release those songs soon.

    *Youth and Yes Yes Yes are among her best songs for me.
  12. Is there anywhere I can hear these songs that aren't phone video recording?
  13. The offical recording is unavailable @ Youtube at the moment unfortunatly.
  14. When will she scalp me with her next release?
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  16. This partnership makes sense. And yay for new music in the commercial... so at least one new song soon?

    Edit: Why is she so flawless?
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  17. This is all so confusing. Bring LP2 twigy! We cant be more thirsty for next level music.
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  18. Get money figs!
  19. She is really going towards a "Björk" GOD direction music-wise.
    Like she is on another level.
    So excited and thirsty I am.
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