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FKA Twigs - Magdalene (2nd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

  1. It´s so exciting to follow her exploring and narrowing down her sound + visual identity to a more concrete idea with each release (without ever being boring or too much repetition!). She is so constant in her output.

    I thought M3LL155X could have been a peak, but all the footage so far hint at an exciting continuation.
  2. I just jerked off on your post.
  3. If you're thirsty for the new album I recommend this from Lydia Ainsworth, it's everything I want from Miss Twigs:

    It's giving me Good To Love-meets-Two Weeks vibes and I'm obsessed.
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  4. (Nice, Lydia Ainsworth has a new album coming out? Didn't even know yet.)

    That Nike ad is stunning, I adore the music as well. Amazingly, it feels like a full-blown music video rather than an ad. Is it too much to ask for another visual EP/LP?
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  5. My new workout aesthetic.
  6. It's OK, I didn't breath any more anyway. Take it away Twiglet.
  7. This lady is amazing !!!
  8. Wait, this is good!
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  9. I love how she's able to stay completely true to her vision and still cash in on capitalist desires. Queen of no compromise.
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  10. Her production is always on such another level.
  11. Can't wait for Beyoncé fans to say she stole the idea of workout apparel and well shot music videos with intricate choreography
  12. I don't know how I feel about this. I mean, it's obviously incredible in terms of quality, but it doesn't really move me. An 'it's not you it's me, Beyoncé' tea.
  13. So that's what happened to little monsters!
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  14. The track must be a Oneohtrix Point Never production.
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  15. The ad is cool and all, but it's all about that new song. The production is out of this world.
  16. Also, woah. What a banger!
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  17. I just love how everything twigs is creating is just so transhumanistic and aesthetically erotic!
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  18. I kinda hoped Twigs would chuck out the song this friday.
  19. I do love the sexual undertones and fluidity of her aesthetic, but I feel conflicted about the music, EP2 was a highlight, truly a masterpiece, but LP1 and M3LL155X was quite inconsistent, there were great songs for sure, but she loses something when she tries a straighter path sonic wise
  20. I beg your pardon?
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