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FKA Twigs - Magdalene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, May 14, 2016.

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  2. It’s giving Bond theme.
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  3. Well now that sounds like just my cuppa!!
  4. Sounds great, no idea who Central Cee is, but now can the Dua hackers get the collab out since it's been scrapped anyway. Thank you!
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  5. Definitely sounds like a Bond theme, which I love. Can't wait to hear the full song.
  6. She sounds so much like Gwen in the beginning! I really like the Portishead/Massive Attack influence on this, but it's not quite blowing my mind.
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  7. Love it! It's indeed very 90's Nellee Hooper/Massive Attack/Portishead
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  8. Yeah, the trip hop influences are lovely. It's always cute to hear her voice over instrumentals that are more structured and traditional than her usual work.
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  9. Was not expecting this new sound from her or to love it this much.
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  10. Edu


    She's so ahead of her time that even her Bond theme comes five years before the proper movie.

    But I am VERY into this.
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  11. The music video for Measure of a Man premieres on Monday November 29th at 12 PM EST.

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  12. This is excellent
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  13. Measure of a Man is so good. It is giving me Dummy and Safe From Harm like you guys said. She sounds divine on it, as always.
  14. If I’m understanding her insta stories, her dog got lost and appears to have died. So heartbreaking, the way she listed all the silly names she gave him cut right to me pet dad core
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  15. I don’t know her music inside out (my fave by her is Good To Love which really reminded me of Massive Attack’s 90s stuff) but this feels very different. It’s really poppy and catchy whereas most of her stuff is experimental and weird and not tht easy to get into (for me anyway). Is this new song a change of direction or is it for a soundtrack or something? It just feels so different and unlike her.
  16. It's a soundtrack song for Kingsman. Don't know how much of a one-off or indicative of a new direction it is.

    When's the mixtape out, @spaceship? (Tee hee.)
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  17. The music video sold me the song.
  18. Completely agree, the song didn't do it for me that much, but wow. Loved the video! She's truly the most magnetic person in the world.
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