***Flawless: The Beyoncé Discography Rate Top 50 (COMPLETE)


(You're damn right I'm reusing the header considering I made it.)

Part 1

TOP 50

Crazy In Love (Feat. Jay-Z)
Naughty Girl
Baby Boy (Feat. Sean Paul)
Me, Myself and I

Déjà Vu (Feat. Jay-Z)
Get Me Bodied
Upgrade U (Feat. Jay-Z)
Ring The Alarm
Freakum Dress
Green Light
Check On It (Feat. Bun B & Slim Thug)

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Sweet Dreams

I Care
I Miss You
Party (Feat. André 3000)
Love On Top
End of Time
Run The World (Girls)
Schoolin' Life
Dance For You

Pretty Hurts
Drunk In Love (Feat. Jay-Z)
No Angel
Mine (Feat. Drake)
***Flawless (Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)
Grown Woman
Flawless Remix (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Pray You Catch Me
Hold Up
Don't Hurt Yourself (Feat. Jack White)
6 Inch (Feat. The Weeknd)
Daddy Lessons
Love Drought
Freedom (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
All Night



1. Lemonade - 8.488
2. BEYONCÉ - 8.412
3. B'Day - 7.815
4. 4 - 7.702
5. I Am... Sasha Fierce - 6.307
6. Dangerously In Love - 5.985


1. Formation - 9.494
2. Crazy In Love - 9.443
3. All Night - 9.424
4. End of Time - 9.421
5. Partition - 9.402
6. Haunted - 9.266
7. Countdown - 9.253
7. Drunk In Love - 9.253
9. XO - 9.155
10. Sorry - 9.117

11. Hold Up - 8.965
12. Flawless - 8.927
13. Freedom - 8.873
14. Jealous - 8.820
15. Don't Hurt Yourself - 8.794
16. Love On Top - 8.792
17. Schoolin' Life - 8.763
18. Irreplaceable - 8.652
19. Mine - 8.592
20. Ring The Alarm - 8.532
21. 6 Inch - 8.494
22. Pray You Catch Me - 8.430
23. Daddy Lessons - 8.424
24. Blow - 8.408
25. I Miss You - 8.383
26. Baby Boy - 8.361
27. Get Me Bodied - 8.342
28. Freakum Dress - 8.320
29. Heaven - 8.294
30. Sweet Dreams - 8.190
31. 1+1 - 8.127
32. Halo - 8.095
33. Blue - 8.073
34. Flawless Remix - 8.066
35. Naughty Girl - 8.057
36. Love Drought - 8.041
37. Deja Vu - 8.022
38. Upgrade U - 7.978
39. Green Light - 7.911
40. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - 7.908
41. I Care - 7.842
42. Grown Woman - 7.810
43. No Angel - 7.775
44. Dance For You - 7.763
45. Pretty Hurts - 7.737
46. Run The World (Girls) - 7.725
47. Sandcastles - 7.696
48. Me, Myself and I - 7.589
49. Check On It - 7.541
50. Party - 7.454
51. 7/11 - 7.335
52. Start Over - 7.332
53. Standing On The Sun - 7.307
54. Smash Into You - 7.278
55. Runnin' (Lose It All) - 7.263
56. Listen - 7.222
57. Beautiful Liar - 7.158
57. If I Were A Boy - 7.158
59. Rocket - 7.149
60. 03 Bonnie & Clyde - 7.133
61. Suga Mama - 7.120
62. Diva - 7.051
63. Feeling Myself - 7.035
64. I Was Here - 6.943
65. Superpower - 6.921
66. Scared of Lonely - 6.896
67. Kitty Kat - 6.864
68. Best Thing I Never Had - 6.807
69. Crazy In Love Remix - 6.782
70. Why Don't You Love Me - 6.753
71. Lay Up Under Me - 6.725
72. Disappear - 6.718
73. Part II (On The Run) - 6.494
74. Radio - 6.465
75. Resentment - 6.408
76. Rather Die Young - 6.392
77. Dangerously In Love 2 - 6.269
78. Broken-Hearted Girl - 6.239
79. Lost Yo Mind - 6.199
80. Work It Out - 6.133
81. Forward - 6.098
82. Ring Off - 6.041
83. Hip Hop Star - 6.009
84. Flaws And All - 5.981
85. Yes - 5.930
86. Be With You - 5.921
87. Speechless - 5.899
88. Creole - 5.896
89. Video Phone - 5.886
90. Ego - 5.813
91. Hello - 5.782
92. Ave Maria - 5.731
93. Back Up - 5.710
94. Welcome To Hollywood - 5.592
95. Summertime - 5.563
96. Dreaming - 5.516
97. Signs - 5.443
98. Satellites - 5.358
99. Poison - 5.307
100. If - 5.291
101. What's It Gonna Be - 5.288
102. World Wide Woman - 5.247
103. Rise Up - 5.006
104. That's How You Like It - 4.978
105. That's Why You're Beautiful - 4.677
106. Save The Hero - 4.639
107. Fever - 4.595
108. Still In Love (Kissing You) - 4.494
109. Back To Black - 4.361
110. Honesty - 4.199
111. The Closer I Get To You - 3.468
112. Gift From Virgo - 3.351
113. Daddy - 2.468​
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Let's kick this party off!




(...is that chain going into her vagina?)

SCORE: 7.454
Highest Score: 10 x 7 (@Number @allyshone @Oceandrive @ohdenny @Push @ericcccc @supersoon)
Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@HeartSwells)
My Score: 6.5/10

This not being ejected in the bottom half of the rate (...just) was one of the biggest surprises when I was sent the spreadsheet (one of many surprises... kii) last week. I mean, I'm obviously not too big a fan as you can see by my score, but it had all the trappings of a PJ pariah. Unashamedly R&B, rap verse, one of the weakest songs on its parent album... And yet here we are, kicking off the Top 50 with it. Was it the Formation Tour performance that helped with that rather generous average? Let's find out.

(Searching for the word "party" in order to find the relevent commentary in this document is... not helpful.)

We kick off the festivities with ericcccc and his 10/10, " YAAAAAAASSSS. So fucking nice. A staple in any summer playlist." and constantino is one of the first to arrive also; too young to know that you don't show up at a party any earlier than two hours late, "This is a serviceable throwback bop, but there this is done far better elsewhere on the album." His commentary also included what was obviously going to be a link to an Adore Delano GIF, but I wasn't in the mood to entertain such chaos, confusion and madness. It would appear Sam de Jour peaked too early... I mean, obviously just in general, but in this party-themed write up, he's spewing in next door's flower bed, "Trash." he burps out. Lemme hold the scorched remains of your hair back for you, sis. Remyky22 is starting to look a bit tipsy too, "Pretty laid back and very nice, but nothing special." Poor K94 can't even speak. All I can see is the bare link to a GIF that I can't be bothered clicking. Poor it.

Sprockrooster is here! ...to try and take over the playlist and put on some Anastacia, " André 3000 saves this song for me." Girl, sit down. FresherThanYou wrests control back, "Low key one of her coolest songs." If you had asked me during the two minutes she did of it on tour this summer, I would have agreed. "I can’t cook either, Bey." admits send photo, not knowing it's too early in the evening to be drunkenly attempting to cook some pasta. KAG is playing the long game and only having a few sips with his 7/10, "This song only clicked with me until I saw the video and then earlier this summer, when she performed it on tour. I really love how smooth and carefree she sounds during the verses as it adds to the song's sentiment." I'm sure you'll turn up later on, sis. ohnostalgia already appears to be at the existential crisis portion of the evening, " I should be all over this collab, but it's not quite clicking." Ask the tough questions of yourself later, sis. We've still got three eliminations to go tonight!

Oceandrive is decidedly not dripping swagu as he sips on the same damn glass of red wine for three hours and chain smokes outside. He's still in the spirit though, "Throwbacks calling back to the fine RnB and Hip Hip of the 90s aren't exactly uncommon these days, but ones that are done as well as this are. If you delete Kanye this could easily pass as something from 1997 and I live for it." Meanwhile, CasuallyCrazed has found a shag, " Now this is a sex jam. Those layered vocals are a constant aural orgasm... and the Andre feature is perfect." Do you rate all orgasms 8/10, boo? You're not doing it right if so. dodoriazarbon bops in the living room, "Gone up in my estimations post Formation tour!" and Laura Vanderbooben is right there with him, "I didn't really even like this song until Formation Tour, I gotta admit." IMHO is still enjoying the conversation in the kitchen, however, "Delete Kanye's part entirely and this becomes a ridiculous smooth bump and grind jam, with the mellow only being ever so slightly harshed by Bey's slightly severe vocals on the verses." and Jersey is finishing off his bottle, "Novelty bop in the best way possible. The chorus annoys me now."

As mentioned multiple times above, the song received an outing on this year's Formation Tour, acting as an odd highlight of the entire setlist complete with confetti. It also got a performance during the Roseland showcases, the Revel show, and the first leg of the Mrs Carter Show Tour, along with a video. You know, despite being pregnant, Beyoncé really did hustle and make sure 4 at least got a expansive visual.

Party is useless, it was definitely "I'll light a cig and scan the crowd" time when it cropped up during the Formation Tour.


SCORE: 7.541
Highest Score: 10 x 8 (@send photo @2014 @PLUTO @beyoncésweave @lalaclairi_ @Lost In Japan. @ericcccc @supersoon)
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (@AlexD)
My Score: 5.5/10

...How? How did this get this far? How did it only get ten scores below 6/10 in a rate of nearly eighty people? How did no one maybe ask Beyoncé to lay down vocals for the second verse before claiming a lead artist credit? Like... it's just a rather basic soundtrack song with a classic video from Hype "OMG! BORDERS!" Williams and... that's it. In Beyoncé's Top 50 when the likes of "Suga Mama" and "Scared Of Lonely" have been punched out? How? Maybe the commentary will be more enlightening.

Let's start with constantino, who raises an important question: who the fuck needs a palate cleanser after B'Day? Apparently, he does. "This is so fucking lush and silky, I’m living! This is exactly the type of palette (RJF Note: Oop!) cleanser I needed to bring the album to a close. This would’ve got a 10 but the inclusion of two featured verses is a bit jarring." In other news, Rogue pulls no punches, "Fucking annoying. And terrible guest rap." Go in! Oceandrive appears to give a decent score only for devilment, " The fact it shot off and stayed at number one for so long when it sounds like Bey recorded it whilst waiting for Michelle and Kelly to bring her purse and coat is a bit of a kii." and eccentricsimply needs to chill, " LISTEN. I started listening to this song and I was very confused because I did not remember it at all. Then when Bey came on I jumped on my bed because HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT THIS SONG." Easily.

Sprockrooster makes a reference I don't get and don't want to Google, "That outro sounds like the Air Alert going off, but I am here for it." Okay. FresherThanYou courts danger, "This could definately make a comeback on tour soon??" Um... A world of no. Whole galaxies and universes of no. KAG brings back a bit of sense, "This is fun but it's nowhere near her best. I think I like the video more than I actually like the song it belongs to." I don't think I've even watched the video since 200...4? 5? When did this come out? Who even cares? K94 labels it a, "Solid bop." aaronhansome is taken to church, but when isn't he, "I live for that last almost-minute of just her ad-libs."

ericcccc has a case of the Britneys, citing nostalgia as his main reason for thinking this 5.5/10 mess is actually a 10/10 masterpiece, "Okay… this was my one of my favorite song when I was younger. One of the many signs that I was a big homo. I can’t believe my mom didn’t know sooner (she probably did know)." send photo also gives this a 10/10 and cites that monotonous mess of a chorus as one of her best! What?! "This is my first 10 isn’t it? I’m not sure how fans feel about this song. Whatever, one of her best choruses." CasuallyCrazed calls out a lot of the problems with this one, "I don’t understand how Bey got away with calling this her own song when Swizz Beatz tells us its actually Destiny’s Child right there at the beginning. Justice for poor Kelly Rowland, who sings that entire second verse and yet is nowhere to be seen in the video. Still, it’s kind of a slut empowerment anthem." Eeeeeeeh...

We close with IMHO, who has as many questions as I did, "#Justice4Kelly, did Ms. Rowland get a cheque for this #1? Did Miss Tina think she was cute styling her daughter in all those pink, flammable fabrics? Did Bun B and Slim Thug ever bother the Hot 100 again? I'm wondering all of this because there's only so long this basic bop can hold my full attention..." Basically.

That didn't really explain anything, did it?

If the song received more than the one performance below, I don't want to know. In it, Beyoncé sings the first verse entirely acapella, before hopping and patting her weave to the chorus playback. That is literally what happens. Check out the apparently HOT HOT HOT SEXY !!! video below.

Top 50 is a good rank for Party when it's historically crashed out first from 4 almost every time. A sweet and steady improvement. Just a brilliant, carefree, throwback moment.
@IMHO: I know something about a US rapper and here to share. Slim Thug also had a hit with Gwen Stefani (but forgot the song's name and I am to unbothered to look it up). Aside from that I do not know him (but that is nothing new).