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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Unsayshuhbul, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I don't think anyone is mad that Stevie doesn't want to write/record new music, it's just silly that she claimed the reason they threw Lindsey out was he wouldn't commit to a tour, yet she was the only holdout on committing to new material (after for years saying she wouldn't without Christine). I feel Stevie has earned her snaps and the right to do what she wants, but don't think she's above reproach on hypocrisy.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it was tour minus Lindsey or minus Stevie. Let's be honest Fleetwood Mac minus Stevie wouldn't work at all.
  3. It bombed in 1994 and it would bomb now. Mick knows she brings in the dollar.
  4. I dragged out 'Out Of The Cradle' for a couple of plays today and realised very late that Doing What I Can is Big Love basically with different lyrics and no panting. I assume this was deliberate on LB's part but I cant find any references to why it was done - anyone recollect a story please?
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  5. I had another listen to Tango in the Night the other day. It's cheesy in places, but it's a fun record. I doubt Stevie was in that recording studio for longer than one week ddd, and I can't help but laugh at Lindsey's vocals on Family Man.
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  6. They recorded it at Lindsey’s house. Stevie was recording vocals in his bedroom. Awks. And she was reportedly only there for 2 weeks.
  7. You mean the "mother....fucker..." refrain?
  8. tea





  9. "Cheesy?!?!" Tango has some of my favorite Mac songs..."Seven Wonders," "Little Lies," "Everywhere" (check my signature, now streaming everywhere – pun intended lol)...

    Have we discussed whether we're allowed to like "Gypsy" now that the word is a pejorative?!? This and Gaga's are such sublime songs, I hate feeling guilty when I sing along. In my dream-modern-covers-album
    (in the vein of the Rumours, cover album but better) I think P!nk could do a great job with it – you need someone with the tender rasp but who can belt the aforementioned "BRRRRRIGHT EYES" and "LIGHTS UP THE NIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT" with aplomb...
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  10. I have become entrapped in the world of Hi-Res Audio, and gave the DVD-Audio mix of Tango (original master, not the later one) a spin. Wow. You can hear all kinds of stuff previously buried in the mix. It is astonishing. One of my Top 10 albums just got better.
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  11. tea


    Tea! The singles, Isn't it Midnight, Welcome to the Room... Sara all slap.

    Anyone who knows more about it, I'm also interested what people think of the usage of "gypsy" here.
  12. "Tango" (the song) is so sublime, I certainly would have gone for it as a single despite its unusual song structure, instead of the rather by-the-numbers "Family Man". The worst Lindsey track on the album IMHO.
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  13. You cannot apply today's standards to the past.
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  14. The Tango title track sounds out of this world on the Hi-Res DVD in the deluxe boxset. The arrangement and sound quality is amazing.

    The three songs which define the album for me are Big Love, Caroline and the title track.
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  15. "Caroline" is wonderful too, great lyrics. I can't remember, was Family Man released as a single after or before Lindsey left?
  16. It was after bizarrely! December 1987. A very odd decision in every way. Little Lies had hit big out of nowhere, so they should have picked something suitable for winter/xmas time. Or just waited for January and put Everywhere out.
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  17. Ah OK, strangest move ever to release that. Guess they wanted a bit of variety and not release 2 Christine songs in a row? (Which is what they did in the USA anyway).

    It's a shame Stevie's songs were below the other 2, with better songs it would have been the best balanced Mac album for me. Only Seven Wonders is up there. The rest of her songs and Christine's Mystified (which gets a bit boring after a while) are the low parts in it for me.
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  18. The UK got 2 Christines in a row eventually, with Everywhere followed by Isn't It Midnight as the final single. Add in As Long As You Can Follow and the lead single from Behind The Mask (Save Me), we had 4 of hers in succession. She was very much the "leader" between 1988 and 1992.

    I expect if they'd known Lindsey would bail, they might have held back Seven Wonders for later in the campaign.
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    That's not a pass. It's still worth addressing.
  20. How can I get my hands on this DVD-Audio mix?
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