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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Unsayshuhbul, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Addressing in what way? I don’t see or hear any malicious intent on Stevie Nicks’ part. The song is out there for 40 years; even if it was removed from current & future pressings, it wouldn’t disappear.

    Has there been any major push or complaints from the ethnic group in question?

    In Ireland, gypsy isn’t used (seen as a British term). Instead, traveller is the designation.

    I do have one issue with Gypsy though. The single version was omitted from the deluxe edition of Mirage - the ideal place to house it.
  2. Oh yes, Christine was at full force during the Behind the Mask era. A shame Skies The Limit was not the lead single, as that and the title track are her best songs there for me.
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  3. I didn't know there was a DVD-Audio released for Tango. I have the one for Rumours.
  4. tea


    Sis I have no idea! That's why I asked and am open to learning. "Anyone who knows more about it" doesn't mean people who the term does not apply to patronizingly weigh in with their own feelings presented as fact.

    But it's "traveller" in Ireland, so.
  5. Travellers in Ireland are legally recognised as a separate ethnic group since 2016. They do face discrimination and have done so for a long time.

    As regards my other comments, they’re a mix of questions and opinion. I didn’t (intentionally) present the opinions as fact.
  6. Anyone get the new Fleetwood Mac SDE? Live 1980 - great bonus disc and two nice demos on the 7". Never owned the vinyl before so that sounds good too. Decent package.
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  7. As far as I know, it's only available as part of the Tango deluxe...with the vinyl/CD/DVD. The DVD disc has the promo videos plus this Hi-Res version of the original 1987 mix.
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  8. Stevie uses the term to describe herself as a free spirit there's no slight whatsoever. Yes, it wouldn't be used now but it's not in any way done offensively.
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  9. Is it wrong that I adore "Save Me?" It's honestly one of my fave Mac tracks.

    I only ask about "Gypsy" because it's apparently still quite a hot-button issue (at least here in the states). Elizabeth Olsen/Marvel almost got cancelled two months because of an (inoffensively-intended) comment about her costume in WandaVision (articles about it even went so far as to censor the word "g*psy") . As someone who as always-wanted to-but-not-yet-sung "Gypsy" at karaoke...I'm conflicted. Of course Stevie meant it in a positive way, but...still. It gives me pause. Doesn't mean I don't still belt it out at home and in my car...
  10. Completely agree. And the ballad Do You Know All About Love is prettier than any of her Tango songs.
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  11. "Save Me" to me feels the same as Mirage's "Hold Me", nice song and single-worthy maybe, but too MOR (Even for Christine's standards) to be a lead single.

    I just relistened to Behind the Mask, how glorious it is when they go to the chorus with "It's a devil's disguise, Angel in black". So catchy.
  12. Ah, I thought that's what you were referring to. I have that set but didn't realize the Hi-Res version is the original 1987 mix.

    I thought for sure Warner issued this on DVD-A back in the early 2000s when it was in vogue to issue albums on DVD-A like Linda Ronstadt's What's New?, Carly Simon's first album and Rumours.
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  13. Yes sorry, I keep calling these DVDs with audio on them, DVD-Audio but they're just DVDs that have Hi-Res music on them! DVD-Audio was the format Warners went big on during the early 00s, it seems....I have Say You Will, but none of the other titles...though I may try and get a few. REM have a lot of them.
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  14. Yes, I have a few of them. I know the Linda Ronstadt What's New? got great reviews. I have Bonnie Raitt's Nick of Time and Rumours which both sound great. I think I have the REM Out of Time one.
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  15. No worries. Love the 5.1 mixes on those DVD-A's like REM and Natalie Merchant. TITN would sound incredible in 5.1... one day!
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  16. Christine literally didn't turn out a dud from Mirage-Behind the Mask for me. I actually think Behind the Mask is terribly underrated in general. I guess following Tango/Lindsey's direction made it seem kind of flat.

    I love the alternate Isn't It Midnight from the Deluxe Tango. I wish the single had gotten a bigger push.
  17. I didn't even know Isn't It Midnight had been a single until a few years ago. It's my favourite song on Tango In The Night, wish they had done a video and 12" club remix for it.
  18. The alt. mix is close to a club/dance version, but yes a potential banger.
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  19. Good news, bad news.

    Good news: Lindsey Buckingham is finally releasing his next album and touring behind it later this year. Lead single out now.

    Bad news: Also just announced his wife is divorcing him... Man just can't catch a break.
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  20. Is everyone in Fleetwood Mac single again now?

    Rumours II: "I Was Not In Any Kind Of A Shacking Up Mood" Boogaloo coming soon.
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