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Fletcher - Girl Of My Dreams (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. New single coming soon!

  2. The Aces' impact:
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  3. Still have yet to listen to their 2nd album in full ddd.
  4. It's good, a lot better than their debut in my opinion. But this song's from the 1st album though dd.
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  5. Oh, I know it’s from their debut. I just meant that I never got around to listen to the follow-up!
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  6. A debut album after 7 years of this thread, we love to see it!
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  7. But will is tack on War Paint as a bonus track?!
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  8. Debut album titled Girl of My Dreams is out September 16th.

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  9. I still return to the You Ruined New York City for Me EP so I hope that there will be some songs on FLETCHER's album that I like.

    "Her Body Is Bible" is not an immediate hit in my ears so that is intriguing. Also, good for her that she finally gets to release an album!
  10. Same. 'Her Body is Bible' sounds completely fine (produced by Sly and Malay, no surprises there) but it doesn't particularly grab me.
    I think she's lost a bit of the dark and moody vibes of the first EP but I'll still be listening to the album. The cover is great, actually.
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  11. I want You've ruined NY for me part II, not this. Sorry.

    I'll be buying, anyway.
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  12. New song out next week:

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  13. [​IMG]

    Why was the clip not doing anything for me until I read this dd? I live for lesbian drama!
  14. I miss those days when it was all about the music.
  15. "Becky's So Hot" is sonically interesting. And of course the descriptions of feeling drawn to your ex's new girlfriend will bring a lot of recognition for many, I think. I look forward to listening to the album in full.
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