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Fleur East - 2019 Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. After just a promising comeback, it all seems to have gone quiet. It’d a shame if an album didn’t materialise. Favourite Thing did very well for an indie release, and ended up with more streams than More And More
  2. Is this a joke about her getting engaged?

    I agree that it's all quiet for now, but she's promised more singles this year, and later on the album. The next single will probably be released next month, as she stated that she wants it somewhere in the summer.

    Also, she announced some live shows recently:
  3. Love that picture!
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  4. That would be a great album cover.

    I'm glad she's getting some cute li'l festival cheques this summer – I think people really need reminding how good a live performer she is.
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  5. Fleur is an incredible performer - I mean, that performance of Uptown Funk really was a moment so I’m pleased she’s got some festival slots lined up as it’s what she does best.

    I’d love for her to get a proper second shot - her debut album was absolutely brilliant and Favourite Thing is still one of my favourite releases of the year.
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  6. Alexandra Burke 2.0.

    We'll always lament what could have been, should have been.
  7. She'd absolutely kill it at a track with Jax Jones.
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  8. When is this woman going to give us more of the good times she is hiding away? She can’t give us Favourite Thing then disappear
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  9. So, this is the announcement she was referring to:

    It's July, next single please!
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  11. New snippets and this song sounds AMAZING! Giving me Destiny's Child/Beyoncé vibes:

    I really hope this will be the upcoming single (most likely out in a few weeks), it might be one of my favorite songs by Fleur.
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  12. Fleur posted this last Friday:

    I don't know what it really is, but I like it.

    Oh, and new music coming September 19th!
    At least that how it was written on her Instagram.

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  13. I'm just hoping she can start releasing music more consistently now.
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  14. Favourite Thing got a few million streams and a chart placement, all things considering she’s doing alright. She’s probably never going to set the charts alight again, but I think if she plays it right and keeps releasing, she could have a decent little career going forward with a sort of cult following.
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  15. Favourite Thing was one of the first songs of 2019 I was properly obsessed with. The months since have been packed with outstanding new music but Fleur's single is still knocking about in my top 40 tracks of the year. I think it's immaculate.
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  16. So... this is happening:

    But will there be any new music this week? Not certain.
  17. Rob


    She's too talented to waste her career as a vlogger.

    As always: Fuck you, Syco.
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