Fleur East - “Count The Ways” + General Discussion

It's funky and vibey and something a bit different for her but it's not really grabbing me. The chorus is very good though, I'm pretty sure the song will grow on me.
I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about the piano in the production that I don't like.
But it's nice overall, definitely a grower.
This should’ve been a chart success but people are still sleeping on her.

It’s going to be difficult to get chart success without either a Collab with someone, actual label backing and promo everywhere, radio plays and TikTok videos (Raye’s song blew up because they did this)

Great song, Great video, great concept but no backing.

I also feel like she needs to become a little more current.

Such a shame.

However this does have a summer vibe.
Her show last night was great, it was a live band which complemented a lot of her older music. She performed a few songs for the first time too.

The set list in rough order (shit memory):
Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Baby Don't Dance

Easy To Love
There She Go (plus a Latin dance break with Vito)
No Boy No Cry
Figured Out (sounded way better with a live band)
Absence Speaks Louder Than Words (dedicated to her Dad)
Things I Should've Said (acapella)
Who You Are

Colour Blind (which was a scream considering the demographic of the audience)

Silk Sonic Mashup
Count The Ways

Oddly, she didn't perform Favourite Thing. There were multiple cameras set up and people recording, so she'll probably release the footage at some point.
Also, shout out to the gay on the far right who was living his best life and knew EVERY word.
She was BRILLIANT last night. Is that her first ever full 90 minute concert? She showed up and showed out. Why must we sleep on our black female artists so much? Fleur is really special and I truly hope something big (musically) happens for her. She deserves it so much.

A few songs left out though - and some of them my favourites - I was disappointed about “More and More”, “Lucky”, “Size” and “Favourite Thing” being missed. Surprised she chose to ignore most of the singles from the second album(!) But somehow it didn’t matter! Hearing the “Love Sax and Flashbacks” tracks live was so great. HOW. MANY. BOPS?! “Colour Blind” was a moment. It was a really well put together show.

Tried to remember the setlist too but I’m not entirely sure I’ve got it right. A couple of the ones you mentioned I’d missed @goatface3128. You can see it HERE.