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Fleur East - Favourite Thing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. If she was offered it she’d be stupid not to do it. And clearly she’s not known for telling the truth telling us “new music soon” on numerous occasions is proof of that!
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  2. I mean technically we've just been given new music, she just didn't say it would be for an advert.
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  3. Yeah, but there was an announcement with date 19th September, so it must've referred to the actual release and not the advert.
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  4. She changed her profile photo on socials and it's absolutely stunning:

    Edit: Wait, she just put this on Instagram: New Single ‘Figured Out’ out 4•10•19

    We are getting new music after all!
  5. And the cover is gorgeous, too:
  6. Oh wow I love that. Props to whoever has been in charge of her art direction since the jungle, some of the images have been incredible.

    I'm confused about the music, though. Does this new single mean she's not putting out the Debenhams song? Or are we getting both at the same time? An EP with Favourite Things, Size, Figured Out and maybe one other new track would be quite cool.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    So this song that they've got in an advert they've....not made available anywhere???
  8. Someone asked that on Facebook and she replied that it will be released in a few weeks (that surely means after "Figured Out").
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  9. She looks great.

    I'll never not lament her mainstream career's demise.
  10. She posted this on her YouTube channel last Friday (as part of FleurFridays), just to pass the time before the new single is released:
  11. Does anyone know if Fleur is still signed to Hunter corp, or is this next release completely independent?
  12. Well she still appears in the video on their website and it's been updated quite a few times.
    From what I gathered, they basically provide the budget and promotion and help the artist build their own team. So she's not entirely independent but it'll feel like she is as she has a lot more control.
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  13. Sounds like we're getting something a little more laid back from her:
  14. Sounds great!
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  15. Perched for this. Favourite Thing is still one of the best bops of the year.
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  16. Clip sounds promising. I hope she has an album ready to go off the back of this.
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  17. This sounds very nice, very Ciara.
  18. I can’t believe that Favourite Thing was released this year, it feels like a lifetime ago. But perched for the new single, hopefully it’s on par.
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  19. Spotify says Figured Out was released by Platinum East so I guess she's independent.
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  20. Love it!
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