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Fleur East - Favourite Thing

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. I'm a little disappointed. Feels half baked to be honest.
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  2. It’s okay I suppose, I prefer the one on the advert- slightly different take on her personality it has some nice melodies.
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  3. It's pretty boring.
  4. Would make a great album opener (her own “So Good”?). Not a smash, but cute track.
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  5. I really love this I love the chilled Rnb vibe !
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  6. I went bowling last night and Fleur and what I assume was the Hits Radio team were on the next lane to us. They all had things like 'Tech' as their names on the screen but Fleur's was 'Sax'. #promo
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  8. I really like this! I'm surprised at the lukewarm responses in here. It's not her usual style at all but I'm here for her trying something different. Obviously it won't be a hit but that's nothing to do with the song - sadly that's just the position she's in at the moment.
  9. I like this, very chilled and I think it will grow in people.
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  10. Okay, I must admit that first listen was quite disappointing. Apart from the slight earworm of the chorus, not much distinctive happens in it. Also, it misses a proper bridge/middle-8 ("Favourite Thing" also does, but makes up for it much better).
    However, it became very apparent to me that this song is a grower. The chill R&B vibe that's quite current sounding is not something I seek for on my own, but it's really subtly done and sounds really pleasant. It gives me late-summer vibes, which would make sense with the initial release date in September.

    The music video is really good: lovely scenery and visuals, suits the song, she looks gorgeous, although there's something a bit odd about it.

    Sound-wise, "Figured Out" is definitely something new for Fleur which partly is the reason why it needs some time. We're all used to bangers from her, so a change of pace is always something that will cause reactions.

    And now, the big question: Where's @Evie?
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  11. This isn’t good, it literally sounds like an unfinished demo. The music video also has very little replay value! It’s a shame as I was really rooting for Fleur, but this isn’t the one..
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  12. I... don't like this.

    I've listened to Tears Will Dry more in the last 24 hours ddd
  13. I found the video quite awkward... the rewind/reversal effect was not a good choice. Though I like that she mimed the words backwards.

    Let's hope she moves on to the next single quickly.
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  14. This is the Small Talk to her Never Really Over.
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  15. I literally popped in to say this.

    I like it.
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  16. Agreed. It wasn’t done well and overall the video looked like it was shot on an iPhone with some “creative” app. The song is quite good though and I’m rooting for her.
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  17. I thought the Small Talk comparison was meant to be a criticism...
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  18. I miss Evie.
  19. I had no doubt it was. Favourite Thing and Never Really Over piss all over their successors but they're both far from irredeemable.
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