Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks


Fleur East's first Sony/Syco single (3rd overall) is called "Sax", and is on-air/on-sale Oct 23rd. Album is out in November.

‘Sax’ is an enormous pop/funk smash packed with undeniable attitude. From the very beginning Fleur confidently demands ‘give it to me’, before the slick production of Norwegian duo Electric kicks in to high gear. The stomping bassline is accompanied by sprightly guitar riffs, clapping, call-and-response chants, an instantly memorable saxophone hook and an explosive chorus. The song, written by Fleur alongside Electric, JHart and Camille Purcell is a triumphant statement that we are witnessing the emergence of a superstar.

If you need reminding who Fleur is:

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If it's Ronson produced then what a fucking good show from him - I would imagine it was an absolute pain in the arse having the song's release schedule messed up by the show and Simon gloating that he 'made it a bit' despite it already topping the chart in the US. But great that he's taken it all in good faith.
I think Fleur and Ben swapped release dates, because Ben's single is a duet with Kelly Clarkson and she is sick at the moment so can't perform it yet.
That Uptown Funk performance will be a blessing or a curse, let's hope for the former. The brass obsession in pop feels like a bubble just about ready to burst though which is worrying.
I'm really looking forward to this, I was worried that nothing was coming this year. Do we know if the album is this year or next year?

On air on sale would normally worry me, but if she's on the show she should be ok. The X Factor live shows don't start until October 31st though do they?
Sax is an awful name but I am keeping the faith until after I hear it, She's been working with some great people on the album so should be decent.


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I think it's a great name. I really, really want this to be Earth-shatteringly good.