Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

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Wait, her album has gone gold? As in 300,000 copies sold? That's surprising.

Edit: Just seen that there are certifications for pure sales. Anyway, I've never seen this potential to be a worldwide star in Fleur that so many of you have. I love her album, but I don't like her voice a lot live and that bothers me a bit, her throat always sounds "closed".

300K is Platinum in the UK and 100K is Gold.
Why release More & More when you've got Paris and Gold Watch though? I mean, seriously, the sabotage.
I wondered that too. There was a choice between "Breakfast" and "More and More". I would love "Paris" to be a single, but it won't happen.
Actually, the album is so strong that any song could be a successful single.

But let's look forward,her new single is probably going to be released in November. I'm waiting for an announcement.
This whole thing has been a mess (aside from the very enjoyable album) but let me say once again, More and More is my favorite song on the album and the exact choice I would have made if I were the label.

She needs another great bop to come back with and she should be fine. She is such a star on stage, I think she can sell another smash.
She needs another great bop to come back with and she should be fine. She is such a star on stage, I think she can sell another smash.

I think so too, but I'm glad I'm not the one having to guide her at this point. It must be incredibly difficult deciding which route to take - if she repeats the same style as Sax and Uptown Funk she'll be dismissed as a one trick pony, but if she goes for a radical departure people might not buy into it.
I'm sure she can come back with a smash. Give her a predictable X Factor slot, a great uptempo song, and she should do well.
But this time, she should have more album sales (and release two singles before album).

Secretly waiting for a ballad single from this album.
I love Fleurs live voice - her tone is amazing - shes been working really hard on her vocal she sounds completely different live - if you have seen/heard her you'll see what I'm talking about she can hit those notes! I think it's good she sings live not a lot of people do these days - her recording voice is good to! Distinctive I think.

More and more is a good song - strong album track- syco probably picked it because it's pop and it's very catchy - it's got the I wanna dance with sombody feel to it - catchy melody etc - it didn't get much air play at all I think it's unfair to call it a flop even though it is but it never really had a chance - the whole thing felt very rushed - if it it had increased airplay over the 8 weeks to impact week it would've probably been a top 40 because people would've got to know the song it kept getting boosts when it was playing during add breaks it went to like 50 - it if it carried on being played I reckon it would've done well but it got cancelled so it didn't really have a chance - a song can take weeks to go top 20! Who knows what would've happened if it had a proper run. I think it was a good option to scrap it - start on something new.

Her new music is current she said but
Very uptempo - dance pop is what sh is doing - I dunno what it is but I see her as a female Jason derulo type artist.- her strength is selling music via her performances because she is that good - so she's a visual artist so I think she could do well with touring and building herself that way - rather than just bringing out albums
She is still quiet about her new music.

Fleur is currently in Ibiza practicing yoga. Hopefully, when she comes back, there will be an announcement.

Also, Lorena Gómez won the second episode of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" in Spain with an imitation of Fleur's X Factor performance of "Sax".

I think she will perform her new single on X Factor this year (November probably).
It's floating about on Twitter - nothing confirmed - she was in studio last week also

Her album isn't ready yet but they have her single - if it's true for quarter final expect the video will be shot early November, she's got a few gigs next week so they're obviously trying to get a clear week because no doubt shel film it in LA
I saw a clip of Fleur with description "Secret filming" so it could mean something..
Probably by the middle of November, there will no longer be "Sax" performances, but new single instead.
I honestly don't think we're going to hear anything this side of Christmas.
Theres been no announcement, no hint of an announcement and I think it's just too tight time wise before Christmas. It's such a crowded space this time of the year.
I hope I'm wrong.
The final is 10/11th December, if she performs on quarter then that's what the 4th December so there is plenty of time yet! - you know what fleurs like she literally just comes out with the announcement quickly! Reason Sax had hints is because of Asda - they're really secretive with her - when she said about more and more, she told her fans the same day - she said she had an announcement and then couple of hours later she took to Twitter and just said it and performed two days later - no one was expecting it, she said in an interview she hinted at a collab and said its going to come out wit a bang so I guess itl just be announced on day of her performance knowing her team! She literally gives nothing away

Her album isn't ready yet though so that wont be out this year
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I was sceptical about time as well but wasn't the first we heard of Sax in the Asda Christmas ads? I know they start those ads stupidly early but it can't have been any earlier than we are now? So maybe there's still a chance we'll hear something this year.