Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

Tbh if the quarter final is in early December she ain't gonna announce anything till later November - if she jets off for a week somewhere she's most likely filming her video, they filmed her video for sax and no one even knew - her team are very secretive so not really
Going to know or have something leak - it's just not going to happen
The final is 10/11th December, if she performs on quarter then that's what the 4th December so there is plenty of time yet! - you know what fleurs like she literally just comes out with the announcement quickly! Reason Sax had hints is because of Asda - they're really secretive with her - when she said about more and more, she told her fans the same day - she said she had an announcement and then couple of hours later she took to Twitter and just said it and performed two days later - no one was expecting it, she said in an interview she hinted at a collab and said its going to come out wit a bang so I guess itl just be announced on day of her performance knowing her team! She literally gives nothing away

Her album isn't ready yet though so that wont be out this year
If the final is the 10th/11th then the 4th December will be the semi final so the quarter finals would be the week before that at the end of November which sounds like a better date to me.
Oh yeah of course - end of November (27th) so so it's over a month away so yeah won't be an announcement yet! means there won't be clashes within the Syco family
Yeah, I hope she will be on week 7 or week 8 on X Factor and bring another smash.

There are two new recorded songs :
"Bad Love" (written by Chiara Hunte, Fleur East, Jacob Attwooll and Tre Jean-Marie)
"Size" (written by Jacob Attwooll, Bryn Christopher, Fleur East, Chiara Hunte and Tre Jean-Marie)

It doesn't say who is the performer, but I assume it's Fleur, because she co-writes almost all of her songs.

Also, she will be performing on Rays of Sunshine concert on 24th of October, and on Trafford Centre’s Christmas Lights Switch On (October 27th).
Eek. If she doesn't release anything this side of Christmas that's a massive mistake. She needs to make a big second impression otherwise her relevance will fade and she'll have to settle for a flop second era.

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Fingers crossed they actually have a decent plan for her second album era or all that potential will be wasted.
Bad love was the song playing on snapchat a couple of months ago - the one that sounds like it could be a banger!
Oh, I remember that. It was the only snippet form her new material that we've heard so far. It was, like 10 seconds or less..

I am pretty sure she will release something this year, probably in November.
She's back from Ibiza resort, and after a few performances in October, she will announce new single (hopefully).
Yeah it had a sick beat - snippet is still on Twitter - on one of the international sites for Fleur - it's a bop!

I expect something will be announced soon, Louisa is next up I feel
I can't help but think that we'll never hear commercial music from Fleur again after this second album.

I imagine to see her pictured with Simon on a private yacht alongside Sinitta, Jackie St Clair & Terri Seymour for years to come.
That's my fear to but hel keep her on the roster for his own selfish reasons,

If it does okay might get some features and a 3rd go but meh I don't know I just want her to do well she has it in her, hopefully this time around it's a proper actual campaign - her album won't be out till next year anyway
She needs to get a single out this year. It doesn't matter if the album isn't ready, it would be stupid to release it after one single anyway, but she's in massive danger of being written off as a one hit wonder (if she hasn't already).
Time will tell I guess but if that happens it will always be down to SYCO, in my opinion, she does have what it takes - it should have been impossible to mess up that last campaign - but they somehow did, However I am looking forward to her new material, she's been in with some great people, so that's exciting

Great! Fleur gives me Rihanna vibes of how to deal with haters.