Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

She now has straight hair, even though everybody remembers her with curly hair, but why not change.
She said: "I can't believe that that big ass bush on top of my head has turned into this!".
It really suits her, maybe she did it for a photoshoot, maybe it's for new era (like Rihanna/Lady Gaga do).

And, yes, she's again in the studio, furst time in this year. Still working hard, so I'm almost sure we're getting another album this year.
Doubtful she's probably just making an appearance.

She's in studio making an album there's countless photos and snapchats and Instagram stories with snippets of songs that have been done and registered tracks and writing camps yadda yadda

Talking of which - I went to see the Michael Jackson version of cirque du soleil at the O2 a few years back and it' was fabulous!
She's at a press event for Cirque Du Soleil tomorrow night. Will try to get some news for you.
Thank you in advance.
She's joining the troupe.
This made me laugh!

Evie, we didn't really get snippets, except for "Bad Love" and that was in summer. But there were plenty of photos/videos as you said.
And I just saw the "Invisible" on the screen in the studio photo. That is probably a clue.
There was another brief snippet when she was with Freedo
I remember, but that was just instrumental or something...still just 7 seconds.

I just meant that there's a red carpet event and she's one of the celebrities that's supposed to be walking the carpet... she's not performing.
Of course she is not performing, otherwise it would be already said something about that.
Looking forward to hearing what have you managed to ask her...at least something about the single announcement.
Fleur at Cirque du Soleil


She was just there to watch the show, No news or anything. Can we get her some heated rollers ASAP?
I really like her new hair, she looks good with it. But I hope she goes back to curls, it's how the public remembered her.

Nothing new for now, at least we know the new music is coming very soon.