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Fleur East - Love, Sax and Flashbacks

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The 808, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Only a couple of days left til we hear it. I'm excited.
  2. I'm also still listening to Levels/You Outta Know - perfection.
  3. Crossing my fingers for a Top 5 album, if not Top 3. It would be such a shame if it were to tank considering how big Sax is at the moment.
  4. Really excited for her cd but no idea why she has covers in it. Not needed tbh
  5. Only on the deluxe version. It's not like you're missing out on more original tracks by having Uptown Fleur and Girl On Fire sung well on there.
  6. Also it might help with the older generation/X Factor watchers.
  7. Has Sax been given a sales certification yet. It's been Top 5 on iTunes for weeks now, surely it's sold enough to be certified silver?
  8. Or to flip it, imagine a Little Mix campaign with Black Magic AND Sax. Good lord.
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  9. Sax could have broken on it's own in the US on radio and then a Little Mix visit for promo would send it stratospheric.
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  10. Black Magic and Sax are both produced by Electric and co-written by Camille Purcell, who also did What About Us for The Sats a few years back. Seems like this team might be heading for a major role in (at least) UK pop in the next few years. Have Electric done much before? The first place I ever came across them was Towers on Little Mix's last album, which was their best performing album track on Spotify.

    Googling them only turns up... Walks Like Rihanna. Oh.
  11. W2K


    More and More is truly incredible. I would've loved it as a single.
  12. See it's funny, right now I prefer Fleur as a pop 'thing', but think 'Black Magic' is better than 'Sax'.

    I'm also not sure how 'Sax' would sit on 'Get Weird' (too funky?) - whereas there's something about 'Black Magic' (probably that it's very POP) that completely works alongside Breakfast and More and More.
  13. Oh, I love Fleur, I guess in my alternate reality Syco invests in at least one other smash to launch her.
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  14. The instant grat / promo single nature of 'Breakfast' is making me anxious about how it will chart if it's the next single.

    And if it isn't the next single, and they reckon they have a song BETTER than 'Breakfast', well...I'm not sure I believe them.
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  15. I'm fearful the rest of the album won't be as good as the 3 tracks we've heard, because how could it be?
  16. I'm not really feeling Fleur. This stuff is good, but her voice sounds as generic as a demo singer (to these ears at least). Yes her Uptown Funk performance was amazing, but beyond that I'm failing to find anything hype-worthy.

    I realize I may well regret this post in months to come, and for her sakes, I hope I do!
  17. Paris is apparently a standout.
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  18. Is it just me or is anyone else really annoyed that the main riff in Sax is by a fake-sounding VST music production, plugin?

    It sounds like a fake version of a 'brass group' rather than a sax as well!
  19. I know right - it was ridiculous, and then the ad breaks in X Factor even had Sax on the soundtrack....

    But why is he not promoting Ben Haenow if he's so good at marketing his acts?!
  20. Yep. I was more annoyed that it's clearly not a Sax playing and always thought it should be "if you wanna hear me sing you better play that brass" but I guess they wanted it to be called Sax for the whole sex innuendo.
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