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Fleur East - Uptown Funk (iTunes #1 Smash)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Saturdays4Eva, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. I don't like listening to the song without seeing her do that little kick and split-second head switch. It's a problem.
  2. 900,000 views on Youtube in just 2 days and fast approaching 1 million views. Popjustice!
  3. I was just about to post this very thing. It's quite staggering. I LOVE that we've finally had a proper breakout moment after such a long drought.

    Which reminds me, I had to laugh at Mel calling Andrea the breakout star on Saturday. Does she even know what that means?
  4. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    This is my semi-annual reminder that Gary loved Mischa B as much as anyone on this forum.
  5. Aren't we Mr-the-glass-is-half-empty? Her voice is not even particularly limited compared to most pop stars. OK, she's no Leona or perhaps even Alexandra but she's much more interesting and far more likeable than either. Personally, I love the fact that she doesn't/can't do all those ridiculous runs a la Mariah/Whitney/Christina/Andrea. It's so passe and irritating.
  6. Didn't stop him from being a professional twat.
  7. Gary seemed all for finding a star in 2011, but that went away in 2012. He used to call Janet and Sophie boring (which they were), a real contrast to his later self.
  8. THANK YOU. Fleur might not be able to 'belt' like the divas but I love her raspy tone, it reminds me of Amerie (along with the effortless stage presence and performance skills, of course). I'd love to see her tackle "1 Thing" at the final.

    Another gem from 'the vault':

  9. He lambasted Johnny Robinson and Rylan whilst simultaneously mentoring Frankie Cocozza and Christopher Maloney. He was a walking contradiction.
  10. I hope Mark Ronson collaborates with Fleur the future. It would be nice to see her featuring in some of the promo for this post X Factor (If she is allowed).

    Fleur is such a star - She really does put every other contender on X Factor to shame performance wise. I could never imagine going to an X factor stars concert but I would certainly go and see Fleur.

    I just dread the thought of what Simon has in store for her though because I only expect great things from her and don't want to be disappointed.
  11. Listen, if you found Gary to be smug, boring, etc., that's fine, but pretty much every judge in the history of the show has had to be a hypocrite or at least self-contradictory at one point or another. That's what happens when you have judges representing their acts/cateogry, rather than simply being there to provide a critque a la American Idol. You can't exactly praise Rylan against your better judgement just because you got landed with Christopher Maloney as a wildcard.
  12. That's me.
  13. I would like her to cover his entire Record Collection album. I’m serious. What a concept!
  14. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    What kind of joyless pedant do you need to be to watch Fleur's performance and think "this girl doesn't sing well enough to an amazing pop star"?
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  15. 'All the boys and the girls that want to fuck tonight'?

    Naughty indeed.
  16. for some reason that song has haunted the last few years of my life
  17. They should bring out a compilation of all her pre-X Factor songs.
  18. Fleurs lack of vocal gymnastics and her general slickness could suit a lot of different styles.

    Mark Ronson produced my favourite songs of all time - Like a Feather and Everybody's Got Their Something by Nikka Costa. I could see Fleur fitting that kind of sound so well.

    She has also got a dance voice (a la Emilie Sandie Heaven). I could also see her do serious Ryan Tedder up tempos.

    Simon Cowell though could ruin her with boring cheesey ballads where a more clued in management would have her doing modern R'n'B type ala Tinashe or Banks for her down tempos because she has that kind of sultry voice for it
  19. After being gobsmacked with both performances (and chart success) of Uptown Funk, i doubt he's that stupid.
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