FLO - "Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)" + Debut Album

Amazing use of a sample too.
I was coming here to post about this. Like, certain girls could learn a thing or two about how to work with samples and interpolations to bring out new chunks of meat from them. Not everybody has the range! The way they reworked the opening lines from one of the original verses into the chorus, incorporated the record scratches and the iconic backwards bit, and got Missy's stamp of approval in the shape of a feature? Legendary behavior.
This is a hit.



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So on top of this instantly being the song of the year, I also just realized it's been exactly one year since Cardboard Box was released. What a way to mark the anniversary!

And I want to point out that since then, we've gotten:

Cardboard Box (Acoustic)
Feature Me
Another Guy (Acoustic)
Not My Job
Cardboard Box (Happi Remix)
Losing You
Hide & Seek (Remix with Stormzy)
Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)

A new act, delivering all of this in one year. This is how you cultivate a fanbase, by actually releasing (good) music on a regular basis. Now if only labels could get on board with that seemingly terrifying concept.
I also have to say this video is so well directed and the cinematography is so stunning. I love their use of lighting, the angles, the camera movement. I’ve watched it like 10 times already and keep finding new cool details. It’s such a breath of fresh air because videos are so rushed now, and you truly don’t need a big budget to do something visually interesting, which could also be said for the Cardboard Box video.