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FLO - "Immature" + The Lead (Debut EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Mar 1, 2022.

  1. They’ve announced the tracklist for their debut EP “The Lead” via their Discord. No release date confirmed yet though.

    1. Cardboard Box
    2. Immature
    3. Summertime
    4. Feature Me
    5. Another Guy (Acoustic)
  2. I need to know which one of the girls does the whistle note at the end of "Cardboard Box" for scientific research purposes.
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  3. Listening to the snippet of "Immature" on loop isn't enough; I need it in my veins!
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  4. Science says it’s Jorja. She also confirmed it was her somewhere, I just don’t remember where
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  5. I think it was on IG live
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  6. Oh, hi girls. We're gonna this this EP before the end of July to blast Summertime in the nearest beach.
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  8. I assumed this was coming this Friday. I hate these type of games.
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  9. I love this!
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  10. Aww such q great compliment from Keshia and man I'm surprised there hasnt been a IK equivalent to Destiny's Child to break out yet, Mis-teeq was as close as it got
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  11. Shame it's not on Spotify.
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  12. Still bugs me that they still haven't thought about changing their fan name, especially with what's been going on in the world this past week.

    Love the JoJo cover though.
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  13. I don’t think they’ll actually go by it because they got dragged for it on Twitter when they announced it anyway.
  14. It's even more of a shame you can't download the single from iTunes... it must be an AppleMusic streaming exclusive.
  15. They were still using it on IG live back in May, acknowledging how similar it was to pro-lifers, and that it wasn’t meant to be. Seems like they’re still settled on it, though.
  16. Yikes well hopefully they’ve changed their mind since then…

  17. They just tweeted this in the last hour... so it looks like they haven't changed their minds which is a real shame.
  18. Flo Lifers?! I mean, regardless of the controversial aspect of it, that is a shit name for a fan base. I'm not even sure I get it. Even a cute Flowers would have been better.
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  19. I wasn't aware that people were even naming their fan bases anymore. How very 2010.
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