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FLO - "Immature" + The Lead (Debut EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Mar 1, 2022.

  1. Immature is out next week

  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    FLO Lifers? The cringe!
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  3. That's a viral mocking tweet waiting to happen, where is their manager!
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  4. 3Xs


    That cover art is tragic but the song sounds like a massive bop.
  5. Serving
  6. ??
  7. (Their fanbase being named the 'FLO Lifers)
  8. Well what's the other meaning/play on words then dd?
  9. There is none, literally just FLO Lifers. But "lifer" is also slang for someone serving life in prison dd. It's just not a great name all around. I forgot what the other options they had mentioned on the stream, but any of those would have been better.
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  10. I think it’s a play on the phrase for life.

    Like I’m a fan of Flo for life.
  11. I'm sure that's maybe what they want it to be, but it becomes really clumsy with "lifers" and ruins any sort of intended word play.
  12. Remember what I said a couple pages back?
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  13. I feel every one is only being sensitive about it because of the current circumstance other than that no one would bat an eye or even br making a fuss i mean its not the best fan name but come on
  14. It's still going to sound like pro-lifers regardless of the current circumstances (which aren't that "current" at all, considering this has been a decades long debate). What a weird thing to say.
  15. I disagree and no its not a weird thing its just the facts
  16. People were saying the name was questionable even prior to the events of last week, so what now?
  17. Everything sounds so strong I’m so excited for there music

  18. Very excited for new material from them!
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