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FLO - "Not My Job" + The Lead (Debut EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Mar 1, 2022.

  1. In my mind they are the frontrunners to win the BBC Sound of 2022 - even if their music sounds more like 2002.
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  2. ADM


    100%! They really haven't missed a beat when it comes to output. Maybe it's because of it's feature in the Apple doc trailer but Summertime really is the one. They're so exciting, I really hope they support Sugababes next month.
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  3. I'm addicted to Not My Job. Feeling my earlies 00' fantasy hardcore with them!
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  4. Fingers crossed - would be very well deserved

    Has the BBC playlisted them at all yet?
  5. I listen to The Lead EP in full the first time since Not My Job’s release and I don’t know if the placement was intentional but it works amazingly with the flow (no pun intended) between Immature and Summertime.
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  6. I believe 1Xtra has.
  7. It's so great having a girl group to be excited about, now that Little Mix are on hiatus. Not My Job is giving me everything it was supposed to!
  8. Not My Job is showing signs of potential, it’s currently at 73 on Apple Music UK. I need it to smash, these girls need to be heard!
  9. They seem to have picked up a really solid fanbase in a short space of time
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  10. Great to see them achieve this! It’s only up from here.
  11. Wow, that's amazing for a group that's only been around a few months and hasn't even had any hits yet. It really does look like things are lining up for them to become properly big.
  12. A lovely social media campaign, three uber talented and charismatic members. a constant rollout of songs and the music being excellent to back it all up? Popjustice.
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  13. In a just world, they would’ve opened for Little Mix’s hiatus tour and collected some of their gays/Ella’s.
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  14. I would love them to open for the Sugababes.
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  15. Whoever's managing them is brilliant. They're doing everything right, and I love seeing a new pop group growing organically that doesn't feel constantly on the edge of disaster. M.O fans can't relate!
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  16. Not My Job is brilliant. The vocal runs at the end are sensational.
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  17. Hmmm I’ve loved everything they put out so far but I think Not My Job has turned me into a rabid FLOridian. They’re incredible.

    Renee is the moment.
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  18. FLO is my favourite discovery this year. The EP is excellent and I really hope we get an album soon.
  19. Yeah, FLO feels like M.O done right (as much as I love(d?) M.O).
  20. [​IMG]

    Y'all don't need to rub salt into the wound, we've suffered enough!
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