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Flops and acts of yesteryear

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. What I like even more than K-Pop is discovering hidden/forgotten K-Pop gems. So this is just a thread to put the spotlight on your favorite hit songs that never were.

    I'll begin with :

    Cats - Baby Cat

    Baby V.O.X Re.V - Shee

    2007 was such an amazing year for girl bands. We had KARA, SNSD and Wonder Girls' debut, but we also had Cats and Baby V.O.X Re.V. I'll be honest, I liked Cats and Baby V.O.X Re.V a lot more than the other three. Baby V.O.X Re.V were terrible but I loved them so much. The strange name, the French line at the beginning of the song (C'est notre musique~~~), the awkward super-tall member who looked so out of place in the dance shots, the whole 'second generation of a legendary girlband' thing...

    Feel free to post K-Pop oldies too! And don't let this thread fall into darkness. Give these flops a second chance, please.
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  2. 3Xs


    This is one of my favorite forgotten K-Pop gems from when I first got into K-Pop.

    Sadly this is their only release. Haven't heard anything from either since.
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  3. YES! I remember them! I had their song on my iPod for so long. Still great.

    Another one :

    Foxy - Why Are You Doing This To Me?

    I believe their MV was banned. Ignore the rent-a-rapper near the end and the song isn't bad at all, I love the tururu~ tururu~ parts and the MV is nice.
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  4. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

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  5. Yesss at Dreams Come True.

    Another one and I'm off to bed :

    Probably one of my favorite Kpop songs EVER. As many of you probably know, Ahyoomee is now releasing music in Japan under the name ICONIQ.
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  6. 3Xs


    OH GOD Foxy. I actually remember when that came out. Summer 2010 brings back so many K-Pop memories for me.

    S.E.S. and Shinhwa are both amazing.
  7. LEE JUNG HYUN. I need her to come back into my life.

    Who else in K-Pop would have the balls to release a song about a boyfriend who cheats on her with another guy? And she did it in 2001.

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  8. 3Xs


    The newer groups ain't nevah doin this

  9. Why were all those people crying? At first I thought it was because H.O.T were making a comeback but it seems a bit more important than that...haha. Love the song, but it's always so strange watching MVs/Lives of boybands from that period. They look like Visual Kei singers but then their songs are so poppy.
    Oh and SloMover, as far as I'm concerned, Lee Jung Hyun is above everyone in K-Pop. We may discuss who the Queen is but she's the Empress. No competition.
  10. 3Xs


    I should have explained this.

    The documentary footage at the beginning is showing the victims of an elementary school burning which occurred that year. Now the fucked up part (well the even more fucked up part) is that the teachers all escaped, leaving hundreds of children to burn to death with no help. This song is a tribute to the deceased students of the tragedy.

    The lyrics in the chorus make reference specifically:

    "Who gave permission to turn out the children's flame that couldn't even be burnt?
    Until when will we live by repeating the errors that can not be turned back?
    To find the day of truth hidden in time all have been thrown away
    Until the end I will find another future that is left in me"
  11. Oh shit. Don't pay attention to the 'haha' at the end of my sentence then.
  12. 3Xs


    ^No really it's my fault I should have put it in context.

    Also anyone interested in old school K-Pop should take an afternoon or six to dig through MBC's youtube channel. They've been uploading literally thousands of old K-Pop performances in HD, dating back as far as 1995. It's fucking incredible that such an archive exists online (and for free) in this day and age. They have loads of playlists by show for each year or you can just type in the year or artist or whatever else in the search bar.

    Here's the amazing H.O.T. performing "Outside Castle" in 1999. The precision here in fucking insane, they have to be among the best live performers in the history of K-Pop. Also, how cool is it that they're performing with live violinists? You can see them in the back.

    S.E.S live in 2002 giving CD-quality vocals and harmonies

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  13. S.E.S ARE FLAWLESS. I'm Your Girl, Just A Feeling, Dreams Come True and I Love You are all 10000000000000000/10 jams.

    CSJH The Grace went flop after they attempted to break Japan. One of the members has left recently as well (Queen Stephanie) to pursue a solo career and a ballet career, Lina is doing historical dramas and musicals and Dana and Sunday are staying as a duo, so heartbreaking.
    Some of their fab tracks;


    And their vocals could slay any current group

    Sad they never took off properly.
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  14. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Ahh, H.O.T (High-5 Of Teenagers). At least we know shit names isn't a new thing to K-Pop, eh?
  15. This is the first korean song I heard, back in 2004ish

    It is still amazing.
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  16. My first Korean song was this...

    It's so sad! But the way he just gave his sight away is just silly and impossible obviously.
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  17. Haha!! I remember this MV and thinking it was so stupid but everytime I watched it I was crying my eyes out anyway. Koreans are the best at making super dramatic MVs.

    ^I fuckin love this one and its follow up :

    Laughing my ass off at the cheap mannequin falling at 5mn40.
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  18. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Now this is the saddest Korean music video I've watched, and is one of the earliest Korean songs I've been familiar with. THE ENDING IS JUST SAD.
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  19. Reviving old topic!

    I found a group called SWI.T who were produced by YG wayy back in 2002. They feel like a veery early 2NE1 prototype mixed with Destiny's Child/TLC-ish influences. haha. Some nice R&B jams/early 2000's sounding pop, though!

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  20. I just discovered this yesterday. I like it a lot.
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