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Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by GRMusic, Feb 20, 2022.

  1. ‘Girls Against God’ as another title.


    Here for it.
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  2. Third Eye is in my Top 5, so I know this is all wrong
  3. The Guardian keeping up with their ever bad music takes.
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  4. And another…


    The aesthetic of this era is killing me.

    Can you tell I’m off work?
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  5. I, too, am one of the

    These titles are so good, I hate her!!!
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  6. [​IMG]

    I wonder if it’ll be 3 a day and then a new song/video on Friday.
  7. I think you're overestimating the impact that album had ddd.
  8. upload_2022-4-13_12-3-52.png

    "My Love (MEDUZA Remix)" out tomorrow.
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  9. Another title revealed too, "Cassandra."

  10. The titles are giving.
  11. „Cassandra“ was known from that interview, „The Bomb“ is another title that‘s yet to be revealed here.
  12. I'm torn about the aesthetics of this era. On the one hand, they are absolutely GORGEOUS, whoever's responsible clearly has an eye. On the other... in both concept and execution they feel a bit obvious? Medieval tarot chic is what 17 year old me would have come up with for the second album concept back in 2010 after Lungs came out. I think I actually appreciated the visual identity of both How Big and High as Hope more, despite enjoying these more.

    (girls against god is a TITLE though)
  13. Chapter 10 is called Daffodil!
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  14. 1. King
    2. Free
    3. Choreomania
    4. Back in Town
    5. Girls Against God
    6. Dream Girl Evil
    7. Prayer Factory
    8. Cassandra
    9. Heaven is Here
    10. Daffodil
    11. My Love
    12. Restraint
    13. The Bomb
    14. Morning Elvis
  15. I loved How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful to bits. However, the visuals were a let a down for me. I think the visuals this time around are spot on! I love how whimsical it is. I would love high resolution photos from this shoot - with or without the tarot border.
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  16. The visual identity and effort for HBx3 was all poured into The Odyssey which is one of the greatest pieces of music-related filmmaking I’ve ever seen. How dare you.
  17. I’m intrigued by some of the themes that these titles are delving into. We love it when the girls dip their toes into a bit of religious imagery; I really wasn’t expecting titles such as ‘Girls Against God’ and ‘Prayer Factory’, but I’ll take it.

    Also seen it speculated on reddit that ‘Cassandra’ and ‘Daffodil’ have links to Greek mythology (with daffodils having links to Narcissus - and now I’ve seen that there’s a Waterhouse painting of this subject matter, well it all just fits).
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  18. Stan Jenny Hval
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  19. RJF


    Yeah... I think I hate the tarot card thing. It feels so cliché in idea and execution. Florence dressed like Helena Bonham Carter in muted potpourri colours. Groundbreaking. At least serve a little concept with them? They're all just glamour shots rather than having solid identities of their own.
  20. The visuals are not as strong as the music that I've heard so far. Which, the songs have been exceptional. They need to be a little more exciting than the artificial flowers section of a Hobby Lobby.
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