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Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by GRMusic, Feb 20, 2022.

  1. Free makes me feel ecstatic. What a tune.
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  2. I just heard "Free" for the first time and...

    It sounds exactly like what I was hoping for from a Florence x Jack collaboration. Every song we've heard from this album ranges from good to great but this and "My Love" are Song of the Year material.
  3. I cannot overstate how thoroughly life has put me through the ringer in the past month but thank god I have new Florence to land in. Every song has been perfect and her continued growth as an artist is inspiring.
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  4. New interview with The New York Times!
  5. I am feeling this fantasy:

  6. Taste.
  7. Wot no Midsommar?
  8. Nn now I'm just picturing Choreomania culminating in that scene from Suspiria. Queen of body horror.
  9. ‘Vol 1’ hun.
  10. Another bop incoming!

  11. eck


    Some interesting reviews -

    The Bomb sounds.. intense.

    One such track, the wandering piano ballad “The Bomb,” finds Welch doing her best Stevie Nicks as she attempts to write her own “Landslide.” She sings of fatalistic love and giving everything she has to a partner who is happy to take it, while giving nothing back—“I don’t love you, I just love the bomb.”

    "A standout of the record, Welch’s delivery on “Free” recalls The Boss, with its production and instrumentation practically dropping him on the Coachella stage. This half-spoken cadence returns on what is functionally the album’s thematic core, “Choreomania.” A spoken-word intro and dated-sounding keys begin the song with an ill omen. Fear sets in that this is about to be a Sia-quality pop song. Fortunately, this is a song that shifts and changes like nothing the group have done before. At its apex, Welch repeats its chorus—“Something’s coming / So out of breath / I just kept spinning / And I danced myself to death”—and her performance lets it spin out of control, before quickly cutting off, a body dropping to the floor."

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  12. HMV just charged me for the vinyl, it’s coming!
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The CDs are all in stock at work!!! Eeee I'm so ready for a new Florence album to constantly play!
  14. I actively prefer the alt cover we're selling. More Westerossy.
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  15. The track lengths have now been added to iTunes:

    01 King 4:40
    02 Free 3:54
    03 Choreomania 3:33
    04 Back In Town 3:55
    05 Girls Against God 4:40
    06 Dream Girl Evil 3:47
    07 Prayer Factory 1:13
    08 Cassandra 4:17
    09 Heaven Is Here 1:51
    10 Daffodil 4:34
    11 My Love 3:51
    12 Restraint 0:47
    13 The Bomb 2:44
    14 Morning Elvis 4:22
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