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Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by GRMusic, Feb 20, 2022.

  1. Nn that was my point but I didn’t word it well. I meant that Pitchfork popped off a bit by dragging Jack Harlow but now we can go back to ignoring them as they underrate great albums like Florence’s!
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  2. Pitchfork have consistently underrated Florence.
  3. Pretty nice album. I'll admit that I've found it a struggle to sit through an entire album of hers ever since How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, but I did enjoy this. Jack's a nice match for her sonically. I'd give it a 7/10.

    Top 5 on first listen:
    1. Free
    2. Girls Against God
    3. Back In Town
    4. Morning Elvis
    5. The Bomb
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  4. Not the Antonoff half being exactly the slog I expected it to be. Hopefully it will grow on me!
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  5. Has anyone heard the deluxe edition track 'Search and Destroy' yet?
  6. I actually think 7+ is accurate.
  7. Well, did I disappoint you?
    Did mommy make you sad?
    Do I just remind you
    Of every girl that made you mad?

    Okay Ms. Leontine!
  8. I can't believe anyone listened to it after that diabolical track with the Fergie sample. If that's what 'the kids' are listening to I'm quite happy to be in my 40s.

    As for Florence - just diving in now, thoughts to follow.
  9. Sam


  10. This album is brilliant and I expected no less.

    Rise my fellow Dream Girl Evil enthusiasts.

    Everything works so well in the context of one another, Free, Daffodils, Cassandra and Morning Elvis are my highlights so far. Lots of love still for King and My Love too.
  11. Only one listen in but it already feels great and up to her standards.

    Initial standouts are ‘Choreomania’, ‘Dream Girl Evil’, ‘Cassandra’ and ‘Daffodil’ but also loving all the quieter moments.
  12. I'm fucked off, my deluxe vinyl arrived but the hardback CD book is missing.
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  13. It's 2022 and people still care what Pitchfork thinks. Distressing.

    Just enjoy this masterpiece!
  14. Standard Black
    Indies Grey
    Webstore Brown
    Standard Picture Disc
    Deluxe Picture Disc (5 extra songs)
    Deluxe Boxset (5 extra songs, trifold)
    HMV/Target Alternate Cover
    Amazon Standard with 12” Art Print

    Standard CD (signed at Amazon UK/Indies/store)
    Deluxe Hardback Book CD
    HMV/Target Alt Cover CD

    3 cassettes on her store
    3 signed posters on her store bundled with various releases

    The Universal intern’s wrist worked hard for it’s chart placement!
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  15. It's a pleasing listen. Miles above the snoozefest half of High as Hope was. King remains my favourite song from the record and is increasingly becoming a possible entire discography favourite for me. Only new track that is immediately standing out to me is Cassandra.
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  16. Prayer Factory could be five minutes longer and it would still be too short.

    This really is marvelous. Echoing the love for Choreomania and Cassandra, this feels like the perfect album for summer evenings.

    And if I run fast enough, could I break apart?

  17. I do love the alternative artwork, the vinyl sleeve is beautiful, time to finally give this its first spin.
    I’m glad I didn’t splash on the deluxe when it turns out the bonus tracks are just acoustic versions.
  18. Now sir.
  19. Does anyone have an HQ version of the alternate artwork? I’d like to use that for the bonus tracks on my iTunes.
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