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Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by GRMusic, Feb 20, 2022.

  1. „Daffodil“ is outta this world.
  2. Free's gotta be my favorite song here. It's just the best thing she's done in a long time.

    Girls Against God is another highlight, too.
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  3. I love this album so much. Choreomania has been on repeat.
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  4. Back In Town really does hit in all the sad places. The harmonies that kick in from the second verse are beautiful, so Florence.
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  5. I don’t think this performance of King has been posted yet:

    She is the moment etc.
  6. This album had expectedly blown me away and told me what it is I’ve been feeling for so long. Daffodil, Girls Against God and Cassandra are next level and strong evidence of Ms Welch stepping into yet out of Kate Bush’s shadow. Speaking of witchy predecessors, The Bomb is our generation’s Landslide
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  7. The Bomb is so achingly tender and new territory for Florence. More of that, please!
  8. The album is just... wow. Free / Cassandra / Dream Girl Evil are up there with some of her best.
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  9. I don’t know how exactly I would reshuffle it but I’m with those saying the track listing is a little weak. The wind is taken out of the sails when Back In Town starts, which is a shame because in isolation (or as a closer maybe?) it’s lovely. It’s just in the wrong place entirely.
  10. I echo the sentiment that the tracklist feels weird. I don't like King as an opener, Back In Town and Girls Against God in sequence don't grab my attention and then smushing the big Cassandra/Heaven/Daffodil/My Love ones together and having Restraint as a prelude for The Bomb makes no sense sonically. But maybe that was the intention. This how I have been listening to it:
    1. My Love
    2. Choreomania
    3. King
    4. Heaven Is Here
    5. Girls Against God
    6. Free
    7. The Bomb
    8. Restraint
    9. Daffodil
    10. Cassandra
    11. Dream Girl Evil
    12. Prayer Factory
    13. Back In Town
    14. Morning Elvis
  11. [​IMG]

    I think it's a fan-made recreation as there's some odd editing in the bottom left, but all the official sources like HMV aren't as HQ.
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  12. I like the tracklisting. It is a bit all over the place but it feels…vibrant.
  13. Really struggling to vibe with this album. Think I need to listen to it on proper speakers. Some songs are so quiet
  14. I’m not seeing enough excitement for ‘Choreomania’. I think it’s fabulous. The run from “Like if Jesus came back..” until the end is such a rush.
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  16. I hear the first 7 songs as a cycle, especially with Jack's production weaving in and out of Florence's melodies. Granted, that also means a lot of the Jackisms stand out more - guitars that fizz between structures, panned brass flourishes, Springsteen riffs. Whether that's a good thing or not depends on your preference for his style, but even still, Back In Town grinds the momentum of the record to an awkward halt. On its own, the song is fine. Girls Against God is the song that actually and deservedly changes the frequency in the way the album needs to after Choreomania. Dream Girl Evil closes the cycle perfectly, with Prayer Factory feeling unnecessary.

    That means the second half also feels like a unit. Heaven Is Here would have been the perfect song to close out the first cycle and introduce the second half. Cassandra storms in at just the right time. Daffodil into My Love is perfect sequencing, no notes. Restraint is a fascinating, albeit disconnected intro to The Bomb which is underrated and welcomed new territory for Florence. Still, could have

    Morning Elvis is the closer the record deserves. As a whole and given that King, Free, and My Love are a few of her absolute best songs alongside all of the others makes this one of my favorite records from her.
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  17. The combo of Back In Town and Girls Against God completely kills the momentum of Side A oop, I knew Jack had to fuck it up at some point after giving us Free and Choreomania.

    All in all though it's a great listen, with Free and My Love being already two towering classics in the same way that Cosmic Love and Drumming Song were for Lungs. Choreomania and Daffodils follow as some of her best material too; I'd love an EP with the intensity of Daffodils' outro teebs, that song will make stadiums crumble.
  18. I kinda understand why the sequence, it's cos first half is Jack second half is Glass Animals guy. Could be better with a mix of songs and My Love earlier in the tracklist but I understand why the 2 parts. Fav song right now is Morning Elvis, just like the last album, closing song is the best.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I’m not seeing anywhere near enough love for Cassandra - I really like the album overall, her voice is just too good and I know all of the songs are going to grow on me even more.
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