Florence + the Machine - Dance Fever

The OCC has an article on the song today and mention it's from a Dance Fever deluxe!

Florence & The Machine tease upcoming new song from UK Number 1 album Dance Fever expansion​

The single seems to be the first release from an upcoming expansion of Dance Fever, which hit Number 1 last year.​

I like the song but…

I’m really not sure about the production/mixing. This is how I felt about the ‘Just A Girl’ cover as well. So I’d be interested to see who’s turning the cogs production-wise at the moment.
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I like the song - but I think the lyrics are bit off? Florence might have rewitten some of a song that was otherwise intended for the album. I love the production - guessing it's by Dave Bayley and not Jack Antonoff. Florence should keep Dave around for a whole album.
I want to love this, but it feels unfinished. With a bit more polish I actually think it would be amazing.

I think I just want the percussion to go a bit harder. Having said that, I’ve got it on repeat.
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You haven’t seen nothing till you’ve seen an English girl drink.

Weird track to lead a repackage. Could have done with a big commercial track alongside it. This is not going to sell the album to anyone who doesn’t already like it.
I adore Flo and live the album definitely came alive in ways I don’t think it always does on record, but she could do with a change up. High As Hope was such a change from How Big while still being quintessentially her, which makes both albums stronger for it. Dance Fever definitely felt like “the usual” even with some standouts. Not much of the writing on Dance Fever hit in the way the last two albums did, nor was it as arresting aurally as something like Ceremonials. She’s at an interesting juncture and I sort of want her to go a bit “Lana” and become more spare and willing to experiment with her productions in ways that serve her writing. Continuing to work with Jack COULD do that, but he also strikes me as a yes man. She needs a collaborator who challenges her while encouraging her to give into her most “Florence” impulses creatively.
Ah, that song is so frustrating! There's an absolute BANGER in there, but the production really, really lets it down and makes it sound like an afterthought b-side. The bridge is up there with the best of Dance Fever!
I... love this? It feels like a shy peek back at the Gothic castle on the clearing after having spent her last years either being a 70's rocker in LA or nymphing around the woods. I hope she renews the lease!