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Florence + The Machine - High As Hope

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 28, 2017.

  1. She confirmed in a new interview with The Telegraph that she's working on her 4th album, and it's inspired by the depression she experienced after a breakup/alcoholism.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that's what the last album was about based on the videos?

    Regardless, I'm so excited. What an incredible artist. She has quite the follow-up to deliver after unleashing the glorious How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. If anybody can do it, it's Florence.

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  2. Wasn't so keen on her previous album, but I'm still perched.
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  3. Isn't this kind of the narrative with all her albums? Anyway she totally lost me on the last one, hoping this is more interesting.
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  4. I loved her last album. Can't believe it's already been 2 years since it came out.
  5. Beyond excited. I love the world she exists in and I think she has yet to exhaust it or run out of beautiful ideas and melodies.
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  6. This is so disapponting because it's exactly like how a puff piece on How Big How Blue How Beautiful would read...

    Kinda hoping this was written in 2015 and published now through a time warp
  7. Give me Hiding x 12.
  8. I hope you all realize this won't be coming any time soon as Florence likes her some time in the studio but also that nobody is actually ready for this album. No one.
  9. None of Florence's albums have disappointed me yet and I know this one won't be any different.
  10. I really haven't stopped listening to the last one regularly yet, a truly phenomenal album. I can't wait to see what she does next.
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  11. Flo has this wonderful consoling aura around her. I can hardly wait to hear what she's been creating and get lost in her world all over again.
  12. I'd love for her to venture more into the orchestral sounds of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. The last minute and a half is so glorious.
  13. Give me that dark album for 2017-19 please.
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  14. Can't wait to see what new sound she'll explore.
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  15. All 3 albums have been incredible and I play them quite often. I didn't understand the hate for Ceremonials back when it was released and I don't understand the hate for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful now either..

    I really want her eccentricity to come through fully on their next album.
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  16. I couldn't get into her last album, but then we started playing it non-stop at my work and it wormed it's way into my heart.

    Delilah x 12, please.
  17. My favorite album of hers was her debut and I really loved HBHBHB as well. I can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeves for the next one. Regardless if I'm fully invested or not, it's always quality, I'm so excited!
  18. HBHBHB is definitely my favourite album of hers, maybe I'm the only one. I think this one will come out faster than the previous.

    All her songs are solid 10/10. I will forever stan her.
  19. It's weird. I really do appreciate all the albums in their own ways, and something like "Queen of Peace" is one of their best. I just had trouble connecting with the album overall. I'm hoping we shift into something even better with the next one.

    I miss some of the witchy elements from Flo's earlier stuff. Although Ceremonials is my favorite so what do I know.
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  20. I had trouble connecting with How Big, How Blue... but once it connected, it connected in a big way.

    I loved Lungs and Ceremonials but she really needed to switch up her sound, and she did it in such an organic and stunning way. I'm perched to see where she takes us next.
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