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Florence + The Machine - High As Hope

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 28, 2017.

  1. All three albums are brilliant. I understand the criticisms of Ceremonials but I love how it just knocks you over the head continuously. She pushed it all to the max on that album, and while I absolutely appreciate her stripping it all back for the followup, it doesn’t diminish the power and beauty in the songs on Ceremonials.
  2. What Kind Of Man > HBHBHB > Queen Of Peace was (and still is) my favourite run of three tracks in a row on an album since State Of Grace > Red > Treacherous. It's just wonderful.
  3. Legitimately three of her best songs.
  4. I didn't realise that would be an unpopular opinion! The harsh honky tonk in Breaking Down ruins it for me, Seven Devils wants to be ~ooky spooky~ but doesn't really get there so it just sounds a bit fairground-haunted-housey, and Remain Nameless... exists, I guess? I mean, the "worst" for Florence is still pretty good by most standards, but they're definitely the songs I care about least in her discography.
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  5. I agree with you. Breaking Down is such a non event
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  6. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Ceremonials is solid, but I find it sort of feels like the band imitating themselves. How Big and Lungs feel more down to Earth.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Seven Devils is horrible. Lungs and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful are totally dud free, Ceremonials has the aforementioned bore and Leave My Body.
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  8. Remain Nameless is their worst song! It’s actually worse than Florence’s song with Calvin Harris!

    Minus Remain Nameless, Ceremonials is flawless. Lungs is (obviously) a great album. HBHBHB was excellent! But I need Florence to return to her whimsical lyrics for the next album.
  9. Seven Devils is one of my favorite Florence tracks. For me it's like a religious experience. How can anyone hate that divine ending when everything just builds up to this chant-like hymn??
  10. Giving My Boy Builds Coffins a spin. Lungs is such a great album to see in the spring/summertime and dust off the cobwebs of winter depression while still being draped in blissful, golden sun-drenched melancholy. An album ya'll.
  11. Howl, though. What a song.
  12. I agree baby. Lungs takes me back to my freshman year of uni, when I was young and pruned.
  13. WHAT. Devils all around me indeed.

    Florence doesn't even have worst songs. Everything exists on a spectrum of biblically, world apocalyptically epic to marginally less amazing.

    How Big is her best but Ceremonials isn't exactly short on towering highs either.
  14. RJF


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  15. Bad joke.

    Really bad joke.
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  16. Excuse me, Seven Devils is a great song.
  17. Not here at all for the Remain Nameless hate, that is out Howl levels of deep cut for me.
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  18. "Remain Nameless" is excellent and a great change of pace for Flo + the Machine at the time. Showed she can pull off some moody synthwork just as well as the harps and the strings and the bluster.
  19. Just a load of awful opinions these past two pages.
  20. yeah i'm not having this Remain Nameless slander no ma'am
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