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Florence + The Machine - High As Hope

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 28, 2017.

  1. Oh my god.
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  2. I cannot overstate how much that would kill me
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  3. Oh my God, imagine NOT taking notice of one of the greatest artists of the last 15 years! I would faint.
  4. Yeah I would die but it's really lovely of @smellycat to let her enjoy the space she's in without disturbing her. King behaviour.

    Also ask her about the new record.
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  5. I love the detail about how she’s gloriously dressed - even for a corona walk in the park. Not even Miss Rona overstaying her welcome could persuade Florence into ever being caught in something so mundane as sweatpants and, honestly, I respect her for it. (Am literally picturing her in a fabulously bohemian Gucci get-up right now and getting my life to that mental image.)
  6. I’m aching so much to hear new Florence that I’ll even take something linked to this cursed movie.

    Her best “soundtrack” song for me is:

    That outro is transcendent.
  7. Is she doing a song for Cruella?
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  9. Oops, my bad. Hopefully it’s good or at least fun...
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  10. So when is this released?
  11. I've always really liked the song she did for The Great Gatsby. In fact, if you skip Fergie's migraine-in-waiting of a contribution, that entire album is excellent. Never did get round to watching the film.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A Little Party Never Killed Nobody is a bop and doesn’t deserve this sacrilege.
  13. Call Me Cruella is played a bit in the back, sounds lush.

  14. You should watch the film, it's lovely. And Fergie's song isn't bad at all! The worst thing on that album is Andre and Beyonce's horrible cover of Amy's brilliant song! I still can't believe they let them butcher Back To Black when they could have just used Amy's stellar original.
  15. I'd love to revisit but I've no idea where the CD is, and Tidal seem to have removed everything except Lana and yes, Fergie, so that one will need to wait.
  16. I was so happy when Florence belted that "..out of my mind" bit. I like the spoken bits too - it suits her well. I would love to hear something like this on FATM's next album.. partly whispered, partly screamed.

    This song, is a waste of Florence's talent. But at least it will bring her to a new audience.

    Also I'm super pumped for the movie!
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  17. It sounds like Flo is having fun which is probably the perfect move to make for a live action Disney+ soundtrack song!
  18. She's serving on TikTok.

    So cute.
  19. Great song! I was a little apprehensive that 'Cruella DeVille' would be a large part of the songs lyrics, and make it a little difficult to enjoy in its own right outside of the film, but it doesn't seem to be bar the intro and outro. Florence sounds phenomenal on it too.
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