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Florence + The Machine - High As Hope

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, May 28, 2017.

  1. I don’t care if it sounds like the Final Fantasy EP, their last album, disco bluegrass or death metal...I just want it now. I’m so thirsty for new Florence.
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  2. the link to the page with the vinyl doesn't work anymore. i'm guessing they had put it up earlier than it was intended to be.
  3. She’s been announcing all these festivals gigs for this year on Facebook so hopefully it’s coming...soon?
  4. It’s not much but she’s featured on some kind of Elton John tribute album out on April 6th, with a cover of ‘Tiny Dancer’. I can already hear it in my head and I doubt it’ll give us much of a clue as to where she’s headed but at least we’ll hear that voice on something ‘new’.
  5. I hope the Machine are involved as well, a full-on orchestral version of Tiny Dancer with Flo's vocals would be stunning.
  6. There's potential reports that this is going to be released on June 29th and the title is High as Hope.

    Grain of salt but I'm perched regardless!
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  7. This being an album or a single?
  8. the album
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  9. If that’s true then we should be hearing a single relatively soon? I know it’s probably not true but oh my god I’m already quivering.
  10. And when I googled it looks like a single will arrive on the 20th/21st of April!
  11. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Hopefully this leaked album/single news will bring the announcement forward!
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  12. But why is the title not confirmed then? We have the RSD-title (that it seems like we won't get now) It would be odd to have the previously unknown album-title on the site, but not the title of the RSD-single we already know the name of.
  13. According to fans on Facebook, Florence held a listening party last week. So this means one thing: the album is ready.
  14. Lord. Literally praying this bucks the recent trend of much-anticipated albums ending up as a disappointment.
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  15. I sort of forget she exists in her off-years, which feels like a good thing. It just means I'm never hyped for the albums when they drop. I got into How Big a full year after it dropped. But when I got into it, it hit me like lightning. I NEEDED that album right then.

    I hope I'm in the right headspace to absorb the next record when it's released.
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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Decimate me, Kween.
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  17. HBHBHB was an exceptional break-up album for me at the time.
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  18. Bring it, Flo; I’ve been ready for ages!
  19. The visceral energy of What Kind of Man still gets me. It's such a brilliant album to listen to when you had... an argument with your boyfriend. Perched for new album!
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