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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Paintbrush, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I'm so glad I was not the only one who thought that. For a moment, I really freaked out. Hopefully, she's talking about an album. Or at least, a more frequent EP release series. Who knows, maybe the reception of her latest singles motivated her to make more songs and she could potentially have enough material for an album.
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  2. More music coming - I’d guess in the next fortnight or so, given she’s only just teasing it.
  3. Should we read into the fact that she used the word "record" instead of "single"? Surely she doesn't mean album, does she? From her recent teasers / posts, some fans assumed that she was working on an album.
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  4. I still think if she is ever trying to make an album, she'll release it on parts. Like, song by song as singles, or two or three small EPs. I kinda gave in to the idea that she is not an album-maker singer, and that has given me a little (very little) inner peace regarding her music.
    But if I recall correctly, she has referred to previous singles as records, too. Don't really think she is framing an album anytime soon, though in a past Q&A on Instagram she kinda expressed the slight possibility of making an album in the future. So, I guess that translates to no 2021 nor 2022 at least. Maybe she wants to gain a little more buzz remaining a single-releasing artist for now, you know, for the playlists, streaming and stuff. Who knows at this point.
    Also, she said "next record". If it's record as in album, she hasn't had an album before, so there's no "next" without a previous one. Sad for us, I guess.
  5. I'm happy without an album, as long as she continues to give us music as frequently as she can. 1 single every 45-50 days is not too bad, considering that we've had years of nothing from her.

    I honestly don't think she should go back to EPs either, because she longer to make one. People can make their own track lists/playlists and that will suffice.
  6. All that self-promo she's been doing on random big pop girls Facebook and Instagram publications led me to believe she was trying to rebuild a fanbase from scratch, hence making me think she might consider putting out some kind of longer form release... eventually?
  7. Has anyone seen Florrie’s Instagram Story? What does she mean by “You can pitch another unreleased song after this one goes live on Spotify”?

    Am I reading too much into it? Is there a slight chance that we will get “Go”?
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  8. Next Friday!

  9. Probably, "shut up about my unreleased tracks until after my latest plz".
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  10. It’s a tool for artists on Spotify where they can pitch upcoming songs for official playlist consideration. Unreleased in this context just means forthcoming.
  11. I wouldn't mind an EP to combine some of the single releases just so they get some sort of collection around them. Overall I'm just happy she's making music again and feels in the creative headspace to do it. It's amazing having Florrie back!
  12. New profile picture on Spotify - beautiful!

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  13. A sneak peak of what's to come on friday

  14. I noticed there were some new photos uploaded to her Last.fm profile recently that match the new one shown on her Spotify profile.



    The screenshot she shared on Instagram stories a few days ago showing that her song had been pitched to Spotify for playlist consideration makes me think one of these new photos is probably the single's artwork too because there was a beige square she had scribbled over.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. The new single is called "Human".

    Preview: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/human-single/1580952374

    It's alright, but I think it's probably the weakest out of all her recent tracks. The lyrics made me think of "Lucky To Get Him" from Aly & AJ's recent album for some reason but the songs aren't similar at all - just a specific vibe to the writing, I guess!
  17. Loved the preview! Can't wait for it to be available in my country. I actually enjoy this vibe of hers so much. Hopefully she'll have one or two more songs in this vein.
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  18. Yeah I'm not feeling this one as much as the others.
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  19. This isn't out yet - but I'm a bit worried looking at the response here. Which one of her recent singles is this closest to?
  20. I wouldn't say it sounds like any of her recent singles enough to compare them. At a push, I'd maybe say it's closest to "Street Lights", particularly with how it sounds in the verses as I feel like it has a similar rhythm.
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