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Florrie - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Paintbrush, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I would hope that the definitive version would be considered the Florrie remix, it's amazing. If they put it on her debut album I hope it's not edited, it's perfect as it is.
  2. Just listened to the Florrie remix again and it still does zilch for me, boring.
  3. I don't mind the Fred Falke remix but it doesn't pack the same punch as the Florrie remix.
  4. The proper version is quite clearly going to be a polished mix of the version she's been performing live for ages. And thank the lord, that mix is very easily the best and most definitive version. It's amazing, really. Glad she's saved it for the debut.
  5. What mix is that? Is it different from the Florrie Mix?
  6. I've been waiting years for this album to be released. When the hell is it coming?
  7. Anyone else got tickets for her gig on Tuesday? Turns out the second day of my induction is only for people who want to move to the area etc. so I don't have to go!

    I managed to get tickets a week ago, so I think more must have been released after the first batch sold out.
  8. He


    She never said who she signed with, did she? I hope she hasn't had any setbacks.
  9. I think we heard Sony didn't we?
  10. Can someone going record the audio on their phone/iPod? - give us poor folks a taste of Florrie live.
  11. Well let's hope she does better than Amelia...
  12. I might quite literally cry.
  13. I second this notion.

    I've rarely ever seen good footage of her live. She needs to get herself on a plane and come to America.
  14. Is there any indication of when she's releasing something?
  15. I'm seeing her tomoz at XOYO - ticket says doors open at 1930, and their website says it finishes at 2330 with last entry at 2230. Does that mean she's only on for an hour from 2230?!
  16. I saw her tonight and she was great. She did four new songs 'Looking For Love In the Wrong Places', 'Galaxies', 'Silly Boy' and 'Little Lies' and they all sounded rather amazing.
  17. Whilst I don't trust Mr. PJ's opinion anywhere near as much as I used to, his comments, regarding the concert via Twitter, have me undeniably excited.
  18. Had the pleasure of seeing her live tonight too and she was really good. The four new tracks were great: 'Stupid Boy' was ridiculously catchy, great chorus that I could sing along to after just hearing it once.. And it had a brilliant stomping backing track. Think Dead Or Alive meets Daft Punk's Get Lucky - in the best of ways! 'Galaxies' started out as a ballad and then turned into a lovely upbeat electropoppy track. 'Looking For Love In The Wrong Place' was very Girls Aloud - big and wistful. Think Call The Shots! 'Little White Lies' didn't hold up as well as the other three for me but would still make a great album track.

    I have a feeling none of these tracks is 'the big one' she's been talking about, though. They were great but didn't sound like sure-fire #1s... She might be keeping it under wraps still. I just hope the proper first single campaign kicks in soon! Between waiting for her and MKS's to launch into full releasing mode I'm getting bored.

    Oh and Live A Little and GIve Me Your Love are still as amazing as ever.
  19. I just want Looking for Love in studio form, hurry up Florence.
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