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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Paintbrush, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. This recent steady stream of singles has honestly been more than I would have expected a few years back, so I would be fine keeping things as they now are.
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  2. This makes me happy:

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  3. I didn't even know she had anything planned. Has a set list been posted?
  4. I... Can't even find any information about that festival on Google. The only thing that's coming up is a Cheese company that was at a Dairy Festival that weekend ...

  5. Screaming. Just say you played a corporate gig summer party for some coin, sis!
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  6. I want to keep an open mind but the Little Englander energy of these photos is triggering, dd
  7. New song coming soon - preview in second slide:

  8. I am so tired waiting for this alleged album.
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  9. In fairness she picked herself up after years of major label shenanigans and has released 10+ singles since 2019. I kind of believe her when she says something is coming?
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  10. Yeah, it's not her fault that shitty gap in her music career, it was all Sony. She promised music and she's delivering, the album is coming as well
  11. The new song sounds great. Excited for what's to come. She has yet to miss for me since releasing Garden.
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  12. The new song does sound quite promising! It's not very different from the singles - which is both good and bad. I'd really like her to explore something new. Having said that, I have been playing the last 11 singles - and it works as a brilliant album too!
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  13. Me and my itunes like to think we got 3 new EPs by now ddd

    Hell or High Water EP:

    1. Borderline
    2. Unstable
    3. Hell or High Water
    4. Butterflies

    Hours EP:

    1. Garden
    2. Hours
    3. Walk Away
    4. Street Lights
    5. Hours (Acoustic)
    6. Garden (Acoustic)

    Human EP:

    1. Human
    2. Communicate
    3. What If I'm Wrong
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  14. The new song is coming September 16. It has a "disco feel".

  15. Dang, the 16th really? I was hoping it would be released this week or next.

    As for the cover, I think I would pick the second picture. They're all great but she looks like she is radiating joy in that one.
  16. The guy looking nonplussed in the third one!
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  17. I loved Borderline but after that nothing really clicked with me, excited for this album though
  18. She did a Q&A on Insta today and said she can 'almost' announce the album release date. Probably in a few weeks we will get the announcement.
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  19. So, next year then?
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  20. New single on the 16th, album and tour dates soon
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