I just got into Florrie recently. God, I was really missing out. Shot You Down and Every Inch are my favorites at the moment. But she doesn't have a bad song among all three of her EPs. Experimenting with Rugs is also brilliant. Both because of the title and the song itself.

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When I saw the thread on the first page of the forum, I thought Florrie had released some christmas song especially for us...

But a new Florrie lover is not bad. Welcome to the amazing pop world of Florrie. It never disappoints.
I've only recently started listening to her stuff, and I'm loving She Always Gets What She Wants. The horn loop is so infectious!
I was reading on twitter the other day she was recording the drum, bass & guitar for her first four singles. Album can't be too far off then? Exciting!
Maybe she meant she was re-recording some of the instrumentals for her previous singles, maybe the are album bound?
I hope so, but how would she know she will have 4 singles? That is a bit optimistic. Maybe Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu are paying for them.
We should be hearing news/music soon I'd imagine as the other day Florrie tweeted she was listening to her studio recordings followed by 'the calm before the storm'. Can't wait!
I think she signed with Sony, but she is still working with Xenomania, at least with the songs, specially because Brian was around the concerts in Spain and Annie still works there.
The information we will get is about the label too, so we will now about that soon.