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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cedric, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Let's discuss Florrie; Xenomania's in-house drummer, pop singer and model.
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  2. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    I suppose. At least I know what she looks like now...
  3. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Amazing. Do we know who the producers are?
  4. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    I think it's safe to say all songs on this EP are produced by Xenomania since it's being released through their record label.
  5. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Wasn't Give Me Your Love produced by Fred Falke?
  6. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Oh God, those clips are gorgeous, especially Give Me Your Love and Left Too Late. This sounds like Xenomania back on top form.
  7. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Yes, you're right. According to her website she 'worked on it with Fred Falke, Tobsh, Jason and Kieran'.
  8. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Please don't be shit, please don't be shit, please don't be shit...
  9. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    It's a bit like Annie ... Easy to like as it doesn't carry the baggage of something like kylie or the dillusion of SEB ... Pop by numbers ... But all prime numbers ...
  10. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Don't we already have 'Give Me Your Love' and some sort of extended mix?
  11. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    It all sounds rather jolly. I think I shall be partaking in a bit of Florrie purchasing action!
  12. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Gosh she looks like Kim Wilde circa 1983 in that picture.
  13. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    From the previews it sounds like it is going to be fantastic. I absolutely adore Give Me Your Love. The cover art photo is also ace. So, hurrah, all round really.
  14. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    How is this going to work? I mean she has already given us Give Me Your Love (and a superior quality version at that) and even says that she will continue to give out tracks. Why would anyone pay for something they either already got for free or can get for free in the future. So maybe a few tracks will be exclusive to iTunes but I just don't see how this is going to work in her favor. She says it will generate interest needed to get her album sold but she has already generated interest. Why not just sign to a label and actually sell a proper album and make an actual profit?
  15. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Left Too Late sounds incredible. Beautiful, lush, epic, all the things pop should be. And that's just from a 30-second sample!
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    On a side note, the Nina l'Exilir advert starring Florrie premiered on YouTube last month. She looks very pretty in it and the song used for it is her cover of Blondie's "Sunday Girl", which is available to buy digitally from iTunes. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wojQuAnBFb4&feature=channel

    Am I the only one who thinks she has a good chance to become BBC's Sound Of 2011?
  17. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    That is AMAZING. I love her so much. I doubt she will be in Sound Of 2011, though. She's just too pop, isn't she? Like straight-forward pop and nothing else.
  18. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    I have to be honest, the preview of the 3 other tracks didn't caught me like I'd like to. BUT, I think they'll be growers, so, wait and see, I mean, hear. I love her, by the way.
  19. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Cover = amazing.
    Clips = amazing.

    Amazing x Amazing
    = Pre-order
    Previous dissinterest in Florrie
  20. Re: Florrie - Introduction EP

    Official video for Give Me Your Love:

    Quite nice in a "it get's the job done" kind of way. I still want her to sign as quickly as possible though. This is Brian Higgins' doing, establishing an internet following before letting her sign a recording contract.

    While I agree with the thinking behind it, I think she's ready to move onto the next step. Her internet fanbase has reached it's saturation point and will most likely not grow any larger until she put's herself out there and the only real way to do that now is to sign to a label.
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