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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cedric, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Thanks! If she'd just release an album it'd be so much simpler and we'd all be so much happier!
  2. Definitely haha I know. I hope this is the year to get an album by her.
  3. Guys there's not gonna be an album by her this year. I don't even think she's a solo act anymore.
  4. Didn't Stupid Boy and some other track also leak on Soundcloud awhile ago? They still there?

    Anyone have them?
  5. - those were the unreleased/rare ones, I believe?
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  6. Under The Apple Tree? King For A Day?
    I have never heard of these either. Did they leak as well?

    Gosh, how many songs is she sitting on! And why the hell did we get Sirens instead of all this? What was she/her label thinking?
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  7. I guess they still on SoundCloud. Also they are floating around there with the fanmade album called Little White Lies.
  8. Under the Apple Tree, King for a Day, Baby Got Me Swaying and Let Your Flowers Grow were only concepts demo, 1-min long. From those, only Under the Apple Tree remains unleaked. Some selfish people don't want to leak it, I guess, but it belongs from the Introduction era. No point to keep it unleaked.
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  9. They were the rare ones until mid-2016, when they all leaked, except for Under the Apple Tree.
  10. When was the last time she worked with Fred Falke?
  11. I don't really know. I would say it was by the time of Experiments (2011), because some Fred Falke remixes were released for that era ("I Took a Little Something" and "Begging Me"). However, I ain't really sure if she worked with him later or not. I think it's not.
  12. I've been really curious about Florrie recently, I know there isn't much in terms of officially released music, but what's good of hers and what should I avoid?
  13. Maybe we all should avoid having hope on getting new music soon. However, she just keeps on saying there's music coming (I follow her on Instagram, and she often posts things that are not related to music). So... basically her last official release was "Real Love" and that's how we'll stay until she posts something new on iTunes / YouTube / whatever other means.
  14. I clearly wasn't asking about new music, I know the situation with Florrie, but she seems to crop up a lot, so I'd like to check out her music and was asking for recommendations.
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  15. Call 911 (Fred Falke Mix)
    Shot You Down
    I'm Gonna Get You Back
    Last Thing On Your List (unreleased so might be harder to find)

    That's my personal list of faves of what I've heard.
  16. All her work is stellar and worth checking out. I still miss her old store and lament not getting the Introduction Tee!
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  17. She had so much hustle when she was independent. Not to mention the quality of her music was way better then the singles (and the Sirens EP) she officially released while signed.

    I also really miss those blog post she would write. She should start that back up rather than staying silent. Her career has been such an emotional rollercoaster from the outside looking in, why not share it.
  18. Oh I'm not expecting anything! But there's always a faint hope.

    And if she isn't solo, perhaps her partner will give them more impetus to get music out there.
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  19. I'm sorry, I misread your post. Well, at this moment there's no song by Florrie that I don't like, but possibly my favorites are the ones of the Little White Lies era (Last Thing On Your List, Galaxies, Looking for Love In the Wrong Places, Stupid Boy, Turn the World Upside Down...).
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  20. [​IMG]
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