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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cedric, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. He


    Her indie extended plays are all great. They're all worth it. So:

    Introduction EP
    Experiments EP
    Late EP

    All great, really.
  2. Grr, I'd love to have the sampler tracks from the "deleted" album --sad face--
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  3. I would love to have it in physical form... it was such a luck it all leaked.
  4. I'd recommend Introduction, Experiments, and the Little White Lies and Too Young To Remember singles.
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  5. She needs to stop.
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  6. She did. Years ago!
  7. It looks like this time she is really coming! She is being so active these days on Twitter
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  8. Fingers crossed to this.
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  9. It would be lovely if we got the music finally.
  10. Last Thing On Your List is glorious, reminds me of an updated FRANK/Amelia Lily track.
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  11. Whats that?
  12. It's a song which leaked a while ago.
  13. Nope.
  14. We at PJ all know what "soon" means for our beloved pop flops.
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  15. It's this but the studio version although the chorus repeats itself and the second part of the chorus is no longer there. It also cuts one of the verses out so the song is shorter. It's also different here so she's switched it up quite often.

  16. I'd no idea this had been moved to comeback corner scream.
  17. Florrie is a bit of an oddity on here, isn't she? Usually the artist would need to have made their mark in the charts etc to experience a "comeback" but she hasn't ever really started...
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