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Foals - Life Is Yours (2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. RJF


    The rock gay is MOSHING out.

    Daddy Yannis and the others are back with the new single premiering on Annie Mac in just under an hour. It's the lead from the first of two albums being released this year, with the first coming on March 8th and the second coming in the autumn.

    Praying this isn't an overly joyless/cerebral/political Muse-esque affair where the takes are microwaved at best. Bring the bops, fellas.

    *waits for thread to be on Page 4 in an hour*
  2. Can’t wait to have one of my favourite (if not, my all time favourite) band back, with TWO ALBUMS. Very excited for this.
  3. RJF


    Am I really about to crash £50 just to get that stunning vinyl?


  4. A tour, suspiciously just before Glastonbury too.

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  5. RJF


    Galvanizers Yard is an incredible venue. YAS.
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  6. Must get tickets for Glasgow. Spice Girls, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Foals all within a week.
  7. RJF


    Do they have the profile to headline Glastonbury at this point? I assume that would be the aim. Maybe the plan is to do that then do an arena tour off the back of Glastonbury and Part 2 being released later in the year.

    I mean, they'd kill it obviously, but hmm.
  8. The single's been out for half an hour, slowpokes.

    Rock solid.

    They caught a brief bout of ADD (ANTI-Diary Disease) pre-single announcement, by the way, hope they got that sorted out.
  9. I think they could. Glasto loves to be the festival to "promote" an act to headliner status, but on the other they've already done that with Stormzy.

    They'd be a safe pair of hands though. They did the second slot a few years back and it was fantastic.

  10. Bran Stark found smouldering.
  11. Loving the new single.

    Very tempted to go to one of their concerts, but the one in Birmingham is two days after my Spice in Wembley excursion and I’ll probably be knackered still... so I guess it’s time to visit the Alexandra.

    The vinyl looks gorgeous.
  12. The tour's too close to the festival for them to not be doing it, I think, but I've no idea in what capacity. They'd quite easily slay an Other Stage headline and I feel like they could probably headline the main stage with a bit of a push/couple of festival-friendly singles this spring? But as @Alphableat says that they've already taken a punt on Stormzy for one of the nights this year. Either way I can't see them not doing an arena tour in Q4 and then doing big cheque festival headliners next year once the second album's settled in. We stan a concise two year live campaign!
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  13. Oh this new song is great. Let me revisit their alberms
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The video is spectacular - there's something Black Mirror about it which works perfectly.
  15. Foals consistently deliver.
  16. I'll check this out only for you, Rashida.
  17. SMG


    They're one of the strongest live acts I've ever seen so I hope they're at Glastonbury/I get to see them in London. The new single is glorious, too.

    Also Yannis is high-key dad.
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  18. Hmmm yes, I enjoyed the song and video in all its Netflix Original Sci-fi series with 46% rating glory.
  19. Me and @RJF will be recording "The Bear Is Mine" inspired by Daddy Yannis.
  20. I've seen Foals a few times (including that second slot on the main stage at Glastonbury) and My Number is THAT song but I've never got the hype about them live. I'm sure they will be there this year but I hope not taking up a massive slot tbh.
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