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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. I'm following my dreams and making a thread where we can discuss food! I think about it too often and I need an outlet.

    Let me start.
    I hate mincemeat, mushrooms, coconut, aubergine, courgette, corriander.

    I could live off Sushi, any seafood, cheese and sweets. Oh and raw carrot.
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  2. 3Xs


    Re: Food!

    I love food.....a little too much sometimes. :-(
  3. Re: Food!

    I have a Liz Lemon-attitude towards food.
  4. Re: Food!

    Little pickers wear big knickers, you want your belt to buckle and not your chair etc.
  5. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    Re: Food!

    I love typical American food type stuff. But my favorites are Mexican and Italian, I could never choose between those two.

    I hate fried fish and for some reason I can't eat a tomato raw.
  6. Re: Food!

    I've been addicted to crisp sandwhiches the past few weeks, how middle class.
  7. Viv


    Re: Food!

    I love mushrooms and I'd probably die if I had to live off raw carrots.

    Sushi is probably my favorite.

    I prefer to kill and eat my own meat, rather than buy beef from the supermarket.
  8. Re: Food!

    Me too.

    I'm almost ALWAYS hungry - I don't think I will ever eat enough lasagne in my life.

    Although that makes me sound more like Garfield.
  9. Re: Food!

  10. 3Xs


    Re: Food!

    Same here! We are a food match made in heaven! Haha!
  11. kal


    Re: Food!

    I LOVE FOOD. Especially junk food. And the best part is that no matter how much I eat I stay stick thin.. I actually hate that, though. I want to be muscly. :(
  12. Re: Food!

    I've really got into cooking in my unemployment. Unfortunately I can't cook anything healthy.
  13. Viv


    Re: Food!

    Lots of brown rice and potatoes!
  14. kal


    Re: Food!

    I do eat lots of potatoes, but I suppose a workout every now & again wouldn't go amiss.

    So uh.. how amazing is ice-cream?!
  15. Viv


    Re: Food!

    Gelato sounds so good right now. A cup of half nutella, half banana and I'm a happy camper.
  16. Re: Food!

    Captured so beautifully!
  17. Re: Food!

    Gelato is AMAZING!!!!
  18. Re: Food!

    I love food. If I had to answer the age-old (or 'Friends'-old actually) question of 'sex or food', I wouldn't think twice.
    Raw veggies are the best, I can't stand fried potatoes, it feels like a sacrilege...
  19. Re: Food!

    I used to be SO picky about food (the vegetable I would eat was carrots, i'd only eat rice if it was uncle ben's, always have chips in a restraunt, never eat chocolate) but i've sort of laxed up a bit now. I like a few vegetables and eat all kinds of rice, I can even stand aero's now.

    I've always loved Asian and Spanish food, although I'd say my favourite is Korean (it's also criminally under-rated by the majority of people). It's so flavoursome and amazing!

    kimchi with bulgogi could literally make me orgasm (sorry for the graphic-ness, )
  20. Re: Food!

    Crisp sandwiches, with ketchup on, are the best!

    I think it's to do with the combination of crispy, sharp crisps, and the soft bread.
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