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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Maybe you should, if your body isn't taking all the nutrients it needs, you'll get all sorts of issues, even the skin issue you have. I think you should see a nutrition specialist as that diet is very limiting - basically a diet you do for a few weeks to lose weight fast.
  2. I have seen a nutritionist before but she wasn't very helpful. Basically said I should eat cheese, nuts and stuff to help gain weight however I don't eat dairy and I have a slight nut allergy.

    I'm all for ideas though if people can suggest healthy meals with high calories that aren't likely to cause sugar spikes or make my stomach go nuts (yeah I also suffer with IBS).

    Oh to be me. ha.
  3. I think you should try another nutritionist.
    Also the sugar in fruits isn't evil like the one found in sweets.
  4. I'm using this service called Gusto about once every six weeks: You pick 4-5 meals and they send you all the ingredients in the precise quantities with the how-to instructions - great for someone with no culinary skills. It also prompts you to stretch your palette a little, although the veggie options are scant.
  5. Oh, I know but still high in sugar and raised sugar levels do not suit me well. I eat loads of veg though.
  6. I'm trying to cut down big time on salt/sodium because it's not good and I have become a salt fiend. I blame my Grandmother she puts salt on salad leaves and on her toast!, plus last time I had an appointment my blood pressure was a little high so that scared me. Anyways I've cut right back and when I do add a little to my food it's sea salt or himalayan fast forward to being over at my friends earlier and she made me ham and roast potatoes and some veg well fuck me the ham she used was from a ham hock but it was as if she had put it in another salty brine or not rinsed it properly. Then she admitted adding "seasoning" aka salt to it I needed a gallon of water just now.
  7. I'm worried about my risk of diabetes - my Dad and Uncle have it (but they're both pretty damn fat and lazy). Various tests tell me I'm low risk due to my BMI etc, and I exercise a lot, but I drink sooooo many sugary soft drinks. It can't be good.
  8. Stop drinking them then.
  9. I have tried and I have failed.

    Though I've cut down significantly over the years, it's still too much, but I don't like tea, coffee, wine... and water is boring.
  10. I've tried a few times and gave up. At work I usually bring a bottle of water that I drink throughout the day but have 1 or 2 Pepsi in the evening.

    I told myself long ago, that drinking soda is my trade off for having never smoked anything or barely ever drinking alcohol.
  11. Yeah I don't smoke and barely drink, but my sweet tooth refuses to be beaten.

    I stop at midday now as the caffeine prevents me from falling asleep otherwise, then have water for the afternoon and post-gym days.
  12. LTG


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  13. Did he lie though? Water is delicious. It has to be half (cold) and (warm) half for me.
  14. I think maybe British water is just crap. It tasted better in Europe.
  15. RJF


    English water is crap, yes.

    Scottish water >>>
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  16. Greek Water is that bop.
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  17. There's a small part of me that wants to be Jilly Goolden. This thread has unleashed my longing.
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  18. Australian water doesn't look like it settles well at all, even after being boiled for a brew.
  19. It's all the P!nk sweat.
  20. Good. I'm there in a couple weeks.
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