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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. I was looking for somewhere to discuss restaurants but this thread seems to have withered... but anyway, I came to rave about the food in OnTheBab in Old St/Shoreditch. It’s a tiny Korean restaurant where there’s always a queue. But my word standing in the rain for 20 mins was totally worth it. The food was crazy delicious. They do these soft filled open buns that are so light and filling at the same time. The chicken wings with the different flavours are insane too. I would really recommend. I couldn’t breathe after.

    Are there any Asian restaurants you’d recommend around London? Always keen try new places.
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  2. LTG


    I went to Chotto Matte in Soho the other week. It’s a Japanese and Peruvian mix and the food was delicious. They recommended having about 3 dishes per person and for everyone to share, so it did end up being pricey (especially with wine). There was a tempura duck and a hake in a spicy corn sauce which I loved.

    I’ve heard good things about XU, Taiwanese food, particularly the dumplings.
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  3. Anyone tried the Beyond Burger? This is a vegan burger which is also soy and gluten free. They are now available in Tesco in the UK.

    I have to say, they are over priced - £5.50 for 2 burgers BUT they taste amazing. I've only stopped eating meat for just over a year so I still remember exactly what meat tastes like and I could be fooled into thinking it was meat if I wasn't aware.

    Very yummy.

    I also recommend the Gosh! Burgers, although they do not taste like meat just a standard veggie/vegan burger but all the ingredients are natural and it's also soy and gluten free.
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  4. Just discovered a really great curry ready meal delivery service, the curries are restaurant standard (I was skeptical but I've had quite a few of em now and they are better than 90% of the curry houses round here... and I live near Bradford the supposed curry capital of the North!) There's loads of vegan options and they don't drown everything in oil like a lot of places do.

    Check it out...

    I just had the mixed bean curry and it was delish!
  5. Gonna try both of those thanks! I'm a sucker for a good burger.

    Bought this book recently but not tried any of the recipes yet, looks good though.
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  6. Drat, my local Tesco doesn't stock the Beyond Burger or the Gosh.
  7. That's crap. Apparently All Bar One have the beyond burger if you're ever eating in there?
  8. don't think we've got any of those here, but I'm gonna try a bigger tesco bit further out and see if they've got the Beyonds, I will not give up!
  9. I work for Tesco and I’ve been asked for these about 12 times in the last month. Keep asking and they’ll stock them.
  10. I'm despo to try these Beyond Burgers. I feel disgusting every time I have a meat burger now so I'm really keen to shift onto these new alternatives. I hope this year is the year these kind of products finally get proper distribution.
  11. I stan Jilly Cooper.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    RANDOM but I am here to talk about my 5-year plus addiction to Ethiopian food. I first had it when I moved to Columbus Ohio in 2015, and have fallen in love. It's been nearly seven months since I've had it due to COVID, but UberEats finally got more Harlem restaurants to deliver and I am living for the ability to have it in my world once more

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  13. I made jjajangmyeon today and it was amazing but the draggings I got on instagram saying it looked disgusting were not the tea.
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  14. People actually message that? How fucking rude. If you don't like it keep it moving.
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  15. Sad is the ye who had not a chance to experience the combination of jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk! Iconic.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Can we talk about recipes and things we've tried during the pandemic?

    I've been cooking things much more from scratch and recipes for low-carb options, and different cuts of meat. Things like:

    Smothered cabbage, which is terrific fiber- and carb-wise
    Teriyaki cubed steak (pretty tender when sliced right)
    Sesame tuna
    Vegan gravy (with almond flour)
    "Carne asada" for low-carb tacos
    Cocoa / stevia / powdered peanut butter bark
    Mozzarella sticks

    Using these recipes versus full-carb choices changed so much especially for me doing stuff by hand. Adding in sour cream, onions, salsas, guacamole, depending on the dish too has done wonders (I kinda laid off ground turkey, eggs, and bacon, bc they are so...monotonous). It really regulated and lowered my weight during this time, which has mad helped my mental health and helped me stay in a good place.

    Has anyone else been doing any free-verse cooking and has recipes?
  17. Those Mozarella sticks look amazing, I'm gonna make them tomorrow and report back! Early on in the Pandemic I was single handedly keeping my local fast food restaurants in business but more recently I have been cooking a lot more, Today I made a vegan curry with quorn chicken, onions, mushrooms, peppers and spinach using curry powder and other spices with coconut milk for the sauce and served with long grain rice it was really delicious, The quorn chicken products are great and any of their breaded products like nuggets/goujons etc are much nicer than the over processed "proper chicken" ones you can buy.
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  18. Does anyone get a subscription meal box like Gousto or Hello Fresh? I’m low key tired of wasting food because they come in packs of way more than you need for a recipe and I’m also terrible at meal planning in general. That and it literally comes in regulated portion sizes unlike when I cook and end up eating loads more in one sitting just because it’s there.

    I’m thinking this may be a pretty easy solution and they have decent offers on at the moment to try them, but I’m a bit wary and would like to hear some honest review first!
  19. One of my friends does Gousto and it works great for them, they eat everything, and it fits their lifestyle.
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  20. R92


    I do Hello Fresh, and it's an absolute godsend in terms of convenience and easiness of meal planning. There's a ton of meals to pick from every week, and it's a rare occasion that the meal itself ends up being disappointing (there's enough variety to go for whatever kind of taste you have for food, and they offer a bunch of vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian stuff too if that's your big concern); having everything come pre-portioned makes things so much easier. The only issue with food waste is if you don't manage to cook every meal. The minimum meal size is for two people, though, so if it's just you, it usually works out well to dinner one night and lunch the following day.

    The biggest drawback is that it's likely not as cheap as buying stuff from the store and planning your own meals, but if you think of each meal you get as two meals, it all balances out.
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