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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Thank you both for the response!

    It’ll be for myself and my boyfriend, so each recipe will only do just one meal each for us a day but that’s fine. We often spend loads on a weekly food shop and then end up wasting loads because we make bigger meals than we need to just to use up the ingredients we bought and then can’t finish it all etc. I’d rather spend the money and waste less and have the convenience of it being delivered to my door every week, plus having looked at the recipes it’ll be a nice way to try something new each week rather than relying on the staples we usually make!

    I low-key don’t know when I started to find meal planning and cooking to be such a chore ddd. It used to be something I loved doing!
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  2. I want to dissuade you but I don't really know why. The footprint of having shit delivered to your door? The fact that good luck ever unsubscribing from the food subscription service you speak of? I guess I'll need to figure out why I loathe them exactly, but I do.

    Just buy a Ninja Foodi and start slow cooking, pressure cooking and air frying.
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  3. There’s no contract for either service, you can drop in and out of it at any time so if I hate it after my first box I can stop, or if I want a week or two off you just pause it and they stop payments. Also, given there’s a pandemic on and supermarkets are a hotbed of activity for Covid because the general public are awful, having stuff delivered to my door is preferable at the moment!

    I have a slow cooker and an air fryer, but neither really tackle my biggest concerns of food waste, portion control and my disdain for meal planning.
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  4. (Yeah, I just vaguely remember being spammed to within an inch of my life for months after a trial, but this was years ago. It just tainted the whole thing, I guess. You do you!)
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  5. I liked Hello Fresh a lot, the roasted sweet potato and chicken curry/stew was absolutely delicious!

    My favourite is actually Simply Cook - you get spices/marinades for a recipe, so still have to go out and buy the ingredients, but nearly every recipe I've had has been absolutely delicious. Plus it means you can switch up ingredients to your preference (I switch the cod for salmon in the Goan fish curry or add different vegetables to lots of other recipes).

    Plus you can use this link to try a box for free!
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  6. I’m over a year into Hello Fresh. I get it every two weeks. I will say if you get to a whole year you will start to feel it gets a bit samey and some weeks are down right uninspired. All the extras are also very expensive. But the convenience of it is good.
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  7. I ended up going with Gousto for 4 meals next week, I’ll report back on how it goes but I’m excited to try it!
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  8. So I’ve been doing Gousto for 4 weeks now and I’m a stone lighter than when I start ddd.

    The portion control aspect has worked perfectly, I’m not going back for seconds simply because it’s there and I don’t want to waste it. I’ve made an effort to snack a lot less and exercise a bit more as well which has obviously contributed to my weight loss but the biggest fact has definitely been Gousto!
  9. I’ve also been cooking a lot and trying new recipes during the pandemic (and started eating meat again after a year+ of veganism ddd) and these have been my faves:

    Portuguese Inspired Roasted Chicken (the marinade is what’s important here, I imagine you could use any kind of chicken with it - I used 3 pounds of boneless skinless thighs)

    Tomato-Poached Fish With Chile Oil and Herbs (I made this with cod and tilapia and the cod was a million times better. The mint is necessary imo)

    Strawberry Spoon Cake (a cake so it’s obvi not low carb, but it’s stupid easy to make and tastes incredible)
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Um, thank you! The way I have a pantry full of all these ingredients and some boneless/skinless thighs in the freezer rn. I'mma try this Saturday and see how it comes out.
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  11. I just made this and had it as a dessert with coconut yogurt and some extra maple syrup. It took less than 5 minutes to prepare and was like a lovely warm pudding.

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  12. I'm drinking The Duchess Alocohol Free G&T Floral (primrose, honeybush & citrus blossom). It's good.
  13. I have been getting into sous-vide a bit lately. Just a lazy/cheap version - no special equipment. I started just using ziplock bags to test it out, but ended up buying some silicon sealable bags because, you know, plastic...

    Totally worth the effort for steak. So juicy, tender and you'll never over/undercook again. Tried it with chicken breast and did not find it worthwhile.
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