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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eddy2375, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Who's watching the World Cup? I love it because I get to enjoy the football and atmosphere for a couple of weeks without the rollercoaster pressure of following a team all year round (maybe having watched the decline of my hometown's Blackburn Rovers over the years has coloured my perception).
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    I do enjoy the world cup, but I try not to get too invested in it because I wouldn't want to do anything else. I'm more excited for Wimbledon coming back next week though.
  3. The gays, they run...
  4. Oh fucking dear marcelo
  5. Yaaas. This game has been sloppy as fuck buy muy exhilarating.
  6. #straightacting
  7. I'm so excited about this! Too bad that most of the games are so late but I really hope that Italy has a good chance to win this thing!
  8. Last night's game was terrible. So many weak passes and the ref definitely wanted Brazil to win... The amount of fouls gone unnoticed and that disallowed goal?!
  9. The ref was an absolute idiot! That penalty, my God! Unjustified.
    He totally wanted Brasil to win...
    I was definitely supporting Croatia, but oh well...

    I'm hoping The Netherlands win tonight, though I doubt it...

    And I just can't at this #straightacting business.
  10. I will be watching the England matches, I actually really enjoy playing football.
  11. I've been playing since I was ten, or something...
  12. Oh well, dodgy decisions from the off....start as you mean to go on I suppose....really poor game and no amount of "greatest show on earth" hyperbolic bullshit PR is going to pull the wool over our eyes over the protesters.

    There probably isn't one dominant international side anymore, now that the CL has usurped it as the ultimate competition. Spain are fading, Brazil and Argentina aren't what they were, Germany and Holland qualify easily and then become unpredictable in the Finals....before last night, I'd have been happy to see Brazil win the tournament, but now it's so obvious that they will be given as much "help" as possible to avert an early exit (and thus riots in the streets). Neymar should have been sent off....cynical, nasty behaviour.
  13. Neymar especially... What a foul soccer player, I can't stand him.

    Tonight should be fun to watch. Spain and Mexico will probably win, but I'm rooting for Holland though... (Cameroon leaves me cold.)
  14. This is probably the first time since 1998 that I've liked the England squad's attitude and style of play. The so-called "Golden Generation" were arguably more talented, but too many of them stank as characters with egos to match. It's great to have Lallana, Lambert, Sterling, Sturridge, Barkley and Oxlade-Chamberlain all in the same a great keeper, honest centre-halves and Mr Grumpy as captain. They may not do much at this World Cup, but it makes a change to hope they do, instead of expecting them to live up to their own hype.
  15. Neymar is a beast though.
  16. We could make bets here?!

    I say both matches are going to be 2:1 for mexico and spain.
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    Shocked Hernandez isn't playing for Mexico - what's up with that?
  18. Van Persie!!
  19. He flew!!
  20. THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE. I take this as payback for the fucking AWFUL finale in 2010.

    Spain have lost their mojo big style.

    "There was not a turtle or an octopus in the world who could've seen this one coming"


    My god.
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